Sneaking Up


Well, February came rather unexpectedly! I feel like I went to bed and it was still last year and woke u and it’s a week into February already! Why oh why must time fly by like this!?

January was a decent-ish month. Lots of school – homework, classes, tests, studying, taking notes, and reading. I had an exam in my Essential Pharmacokinetics class (88%, I’m happy with it!), and missed my first day (I was NOT well, boo). I have an A in all of my classes so far, so that’s awesome. Of course, it’s still early on. Never count your chickens before they hatch.

So far February has been okay. We had classes canceled because of snow on Monday. Actually, just my first was canceled; my school thought that at 12:30 snow would be gone, roads would be clear, and everything would be perfect – but by my house there was nary a plow in sight (country living for ya), so I didn’t go to my Spanish, which worked out as she canceled it. Then Wednesday I went in the morning to EP and it was still an awful drive and took me twice as long, and it was snowing SO I skipped Spanish and hurried home. It got worse too, so I’m glad that I did that. The roads by my house still suck today, but elsewhere they’re fine.

I had my first history test (95%, I only missed one), Monday will bring my first Spanish test and a paper due in my Conceptual¬†and Theoretical Thinking in Nursing class (it was due the day class was canceled; good thing as I haven’t written it yet!), and then a Spanish exam (originally slotted for Wednesday but she postponed it since we had class canceled Monday). Wednesday will bring about my second exam in EP, worth a bit more than the first (50 points then, and 100 points now). I’m slightly nervous, but not because I don’t know the material. I do. But I hate taking tests and make stupid little mistakes, so that has me worried a bit. But I’m praying I do well on that one too. I plan on going slowly and taking my time.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and Kalen and I won’t be celebrating. Between us both having homework to do, and him working full time as well as going to school full time, we don’t feel like waiting in a crowded restaurant to be seated and served. So we’re staying in. BUT we’re going out tonight! I’m really excited about it too. So, we’re celebrating, it’s just a week early.

This month will bring about two appointments with my doctors – one with my endocrinologist and one with my regular doctor to have labs drawn. I’ll do the follow up for that during my spring break (living the life!). It will also see my dear cousin marrying his soul mate on the 28th. I wish I could be there for that, but it’s in Florida and just not possible with school and Kalen’s job.

And now, because I’m almost 30 and lead a REALLY exciting life, I’m off to fold basket upon basket of laundry.

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