Going, Going, GONE!

At the end of October, in the middle of a Facebook party I had, I became a Jamberry Independent Consultant. I LOVE this product, and this company. That being said,  with each catalog, Jamberry retires some wraps to make room for new ones! These wraps from the Fall/Winter catalog are Going, Going, GONE! They are only available until February 28th, 2015, and after that they are gone for good! See one that you like? Is a favorite in this group? Then get them while you still can! As always, every BUY 3 GET 1 FREE purchase will receive a sheet of accent nails from me! Get them here, while you still can! http://www.amberdubrick.jamberrynails.net/


13592_765204393567206_4579582096735502897_n 522152_765204403567205_3784411088688403043_n 10455663_765204383567207_8750564122627254655_n 10488385_765204386900540_2598139016464203695_n 10609438_765204410233871_1140290254644645226_n 10645309_765204380233874_2153594012784803850_n 10945588_765204390233873_7584299964327826899_n 10956981_765204400233872_309840497576487902_n (1) 10959447_765204396900539_4984691148393431124_n 10968587_765204406900538_987041375679726751_n


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