I don’t have the most interesting life out there. It’s pretty much school, cleaning, cooking, studying, and my pets and husband. I very rarely see friends, and I see my family once in awhile.

I do have a variety of obsessions though.

1. School Supplies. These have long been an obsession of mine. Growing up, my Mom gave my sister and I an allowance of $10 a week (this was later upped to $20). We had chores to do to earn it (cooking, cleaning, etc.), but once I got mine I always begged her to take me to Walgreens so I could buy notebooks and pens. I loved to write, something that was cultivated after a 4th grade assignment. Kalen despises this obsession. I don’t blame him – the amount I spend on pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, binder, folders, Post-its, etc. is absolutely sickening. But I do it.

2. Makeup. Kalen ALSO hates this one, but I don’t, obviously. I love makeup. I don’t do mine as often as I should, but I love to play with shadow colors, blushes, liners, mascaras, and the like. I have quite a large collection. I bought a big box to hold palettes, and it is now overflowing. I have 4 pen cups full of makeup brushes (and just ordered more). It’s disgusting, the amount I spend on makeup. I just recently ordered from Sigma Beauty for the first time, and got a flat top kabuki (F80) and their Basic Eyes kit…and spent something like $140. Eep. The brushes are awesome though, if that counts for anything. I also just ordered another brush set from BH Cosmetics. I love brushes, can you maybe tell?

3. Nail Polish/Jamberry. I have a HUGE polish collection. It’s all mainly OPI, Essie, Julep. Zoya, Butter London, and Orly, but there are some others thrown into the mix. Do I paint my nails often? Hardly ever. Do I keep buying more? Yes. I also have a ridiculous amount of nail wraps from Jamberry. Part of that is due to being a consultant, and the other part is that I genuinely love the product. I cannot stand the dry time of nail polish; the wraps have no dry time. Plus, I can barely paint a solid color without slopping it all over, let alone a cute design. Jamberry handles that for me. 😉

So, the point of this post was this: would you be interested in seeing some of my obsessions, and maybe various tutorials with the stuff? It’s something fun that I’d like to share, but only if you want me to share it. While I don’t mind posting stuff that no one reads, it doesn’t seem wise to photograph stuff no one will look at haha.

Let me know! 🙂

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