Sneaking Up

Well, February came rather unexpectedly! I feel like I went to bed and it was still last year and woke u and it's a week into February already! Why oh why must time fly by like this!? January was a decent-ish month. Lots of school - homework, classes, tests, studying, taking notes, and reading. I … Continue reading Sneaking Up

Going, Going, GONE!

At the end of October, in the middle of a Facebook party I had, I became a Jamberry Independent Consultant. I LOVE this product, and this company. That being said,¬†¬†with each catalog, Jamberry retires some wraps to make room for new ones! These wraps from the Fall/Winter catalog are Going, Going, GONE! They are only … Continue reading Going, Going, GONE!


I don't have the most interesting life out there. It's pretty much school, cleaning, cooking, studying, and my pets and husband. I very rarely see friends, and I see my family once in awhile. I do have a variety of obsessions though. 1. School Supplies. These have long been an obsession of mine. Growing up, … Continue reading Obsessions