Winning Starts with Beginning

Cheesy subject? You betcha! However, it’s pretty spot on.

Tomorrow begins semester 2 of 8 of nursing school. I have Conceptual and Theoretical Thinking, Essential Pharmacokinetics, American History to 1877, Spanish Level 1, and Intro to Literature. Intro to Literature and American History to 1877 are both online, and Essential Pharmacokinetics is an 8 week course that ends March 7th. I’m actually pretty excited, because it is one step closer to feeling like I’m really in nursing school, and I love English and History. So, I’m hopeful that this semester will not be nearly as boring as the last was.

I’ve been trying to utilize my time in this past week to get stuff organized and purge some unnecessary things. I forced the husband to go through his clothes and at least pack away stuff that he either doesn’t wear or that doesn’t fit. He did manage to get rid of some items, but not much. To be fair, he hardly has anything in comparison to me. I did that thing where you hang your hangers backwards to see what you are and are not wearing. I have WAY more items of clothing than I need. I can go over a month without having to wash shirts. WAY over a month. I’m a little disgusted with myself, after typing that out. I also want to hang onto pieces that are more versatile. I plan on packing up little knick knacks in the office. As much as I adore the items, we just don’t have the room for them, and certain things, like tea light holders, we don’t use because of my mother-in-law’s way too curious cats. So for now, I think it’s best if we pack them away until we buy a house. I’ve already had to empty the shelves and dressers in our bedroom because the kittens are very playful kittens. Little monsters, lol.

Speaking of, today we took Sirius to the Neuter Scooter to be fixed. I felt so bad leaving him there, because I knew he was freaked out. Drop off was at 9, and we got outta there around 10. Then Kalen and I had to run errands: back home to get my car so we could drop his off at the dealership for an oil change, off to my bank to cash my student loan refund check, to campus to find where my classrooms are located (it’s for my peace of mind), to lunch, to Target to pick up a prescription, stock up on Hot Pockets (please, don’t judge me, but I love them), some Pop Tarts (NO JUDGING!), and bottles of water (I take them to classes). Then we picked up Kalen’s car and headed home. Karen was picking up Sirius, and they told us pick up was at 3. Well, she said they weren’t ready. Turns out one of the cats died. 😥 My heart BROKE for whoever lost their cat and I was just so so thankful that it wasn’t my cat. I know that’s selfish, but it is true. Harry, Sirius, and Ellie are my babies. I can’t imagine what I’d do without the little fur monsters in my life.

Of course, now Sirius is stuck in the bathroom until morning, and he’s at the door, crying. I keep going in there and he’s full of snuggles and kisses and loves. He’s really such a snuggler (so is Ellie) and I know it’s bothering him to be solo in the bathroom (Ellie hated it too). I’m going in there as often as I can, and sitting and petting him and loving on him but I can’t spend all of my time on the bathroom floor. I am tempted, however, to grab my pillow and a blanket and lie down with him in there. In case you didn’t notice, I really love my pets.

I’ve been making some infinity scarves in MY OWN PATTERN!!!! I love it, and I just hope that when I get them done and listed, other people do too. I have some cowls I need to list as well, and some jewelry to make and list. It’s quite tedious to do all this when you’re in school full time, but on top of that I’m easily distracted and love to procrastinate. hahaha.

Right now I’m having my Jamberry Launch Party, as a consultant. I LOVE this company, and this product. The nail wraps are amazing, the lacquer is amazing, and I just love all the people I’ve met through this new endeavor. If you’d like to check it out, you can here:  (the link code kept throwing out an error so I gave up!). If you have a question, my email is on the site!!!

Alright, at 3:20am, I think it is time to end this post and try to get some rest. I think Sirius has finally quit crying, and I’m hoping he’s curled up on the cat bed and resting.

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