currently [vol.1]

thinking| about how I’m really behind on studying/homework this week. I had been pretty far ahead, for the most part (minus notes on the text for medical terminology…oops!), but then last week I was slacking 100%. I didn’t pick up a book, or even craft until…Thursday night, when I made earrings until the wee hours of the morning. So no homework, no shop work….I was essentially useless.

making| nothing right now, but when there is time I’m busy crocheting cowls and ruffle scarves, and making jewelry for some upcoming craft shows and the shop.
wearing| haha pajamas! Purple plaid pants that are who knows how old and they are my favorite, and a blue tank top. No bra, because why would I? I also haven’t showered yet today…pretty scuzzy.

anticipating| upcoming exams, next semester, the upcoming holidays, the upcoming craft shows, and the future in general. I need to really start working on Christmas gifts for this year, and I need to finish up the merchandise for the craft shows so that I can make some money. Plus, spring scheduling starts next week, and I’m trying to kinda iron down my schedule. I don’t know what time/day my nursing classes will be, but I have a list of times and days for other classes I’ll be taking.

thankful for| my family and friends. It’s cheesy, but it’s true. I would be lost without my husband, and my family and friends, but my husband especially. He does so much for me, and asks for nothing in return. He’s a rock star, no doubt about it!!! Plus, I’m thankful that I’m alive, and that I’m able to go to school. Not many people have that opportunity, and I do, and I am NOT wasting it this time. I was given a second chance, and I’m taking it!

I’m going to try my best to keep this as a weekly feature, or at LEAST try for monthly. We’ll aim high though, and see where that takes us. 😉

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