Charismatic Cowls

I’m trying to get my Etsy shop up and running (and boy is that hard to do!), so naturally I made a Facebook page for it, and have been sharing it and promoting it to my family and friends. I even hosted a giveaway for hitting 100 likes, and my friend won a pair of earrings she’d chosen! Now that winter is coming (Game of Thrones ♥), I started making some quick cowls to sell in the shop and at a few shows I’ll be doing soon. I’ve been using this pattern and some Charisma yarn from Michael’s (Loops & Threads brand), and they’re working up fast and beautifully. I love creating things, I really do. I feel alive when I’m crocheting, or making jewelry. I just love to be creative, and doing something that I love. Right now no cowls are listed in the shop, but if you contact me via Facebook, you can purchase one for $15. I also have ruffle scarves (I’ll photograph those soon), and of course what is listed in the shop (some older cowls are listed there). I feel like I’m doing wrong by trying to sell something through my blog, but how else will I bring awareness to what I’m trying to do? Here are some cowl pictures (not all are available, which is why it is best to contact me). cowlsSold! ^ I do have more yarn though. 10653430_10104720337123429_3831966084615414083_n 10384447_10104722416636069_8494616743785265396_nSold! ^ brightcowlThat’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your week! blog siggy

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