Midterms and Celebrations

Today I took my health and wellness midterm, and got a 96% on it. The two questions I missed were ones that I knew the answer to, but on one, it didn’t take when I checked the box I guess, and I failed to notice, and on the other I clicked whatever was above or below the one I knew was right. Sigh.

Since it’s after midnight, it’s technically Saturday, but when I say today, I mean Friday, September 26th lol.

So, today I went to lunch with my mom, sister, aunt, and uncle. It was my aunt’s birthday so we did a celebratory lunch, then I did some shopping before going home and passing out after a late night/early morning.

The evening was spent at my aunt and uncle’s house with birthday pizza and cake. It as fun, but Kalen and I left early because we’re old and tire out easily. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I was bored while I made Kalen rub my feet, and took some selfies. Plus, I was digging my makeup. And we all know you shouldn’t waste a good day of makeup!

10701985_10104706061082729_8769120492299400411_n 1234016_10104706085119559_6632842258278332819_n 10399424_10104706065299279_8969308162312215028_n 10431488_10104706082185439_698084700445923767_n 10628089_10204808984532564_4569831138866707691_n(me and my mom)

That’s all. Just a quick little post. πŸ™‚

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