Make You Believe, Make You Forget

dubricksataweddingKalen and I from my cousin’s wedding the 20th. We clean up nicely. Love him in a suit!

I miss the sound of your voice
And I miss the rush of your skin
And I miss the still of the silence
As you breathe out and I breathe in
If I could walk on water
If I could tell you what’s next
Make you believe
Make you forget
So come on, get higher, loosen my lips
Faith and desire and the swing of your hips
Just pull me down hard and drown me in love

Life is slowly getting easier. My single nursing class has ended (with the exception of submitting the final copy of my research paper), and that just leaves me with two 16 week classes, and one 8 week class. The midterm for the 8 week class is actually this week, so that is flying by. When it ends, I’ll have another 8 week class, so just three at a time from here on out. Sounds positively relaxing, to be honest! 😉

The perk of the one class ending and the others all being online (minus the midterms and finals) is that I have time to work on making stuff for two upcoming craft shows I’ll be doing. I plan on crocheting my fingers to the bone to make some simple cowls, and making more jewelry to sell. I recently got an order of Halloween charms (a witch on a broomstick, a cat in the yowling pose often associated with black cats and Halloween, and a bat in flight) and already made a cute pair of earrings for a friend (seriously, very cute!). I’m quite pleased with how they turned out.

catearringsI’ve had some rather unfortunate times at the dentist recently. I’m seeing a new one, and he is fantastic. But after years of no insurance, or money, I had to have a few cavities filled. None of it went smoothly, of course. I was left with a horrible pain (my bite was off and I was too stupid to realize that), and the second visit took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Seriously. Two and a half hours. All is well now though. I had my bite adjusted later on after appointment number two, and it’s nice to be able to eat on both sides, even though my mouth is tender right now.

My new show I’m marathon watching is Sex and the City. I’ve watched it many, many times before, so it isn’t new in that sense, but I finished Supernatural, the last marathoned show, and moved onto this. I thought about something new, but this was easier because a. I’ve already seen it so I can pay minimal attention if necessary and use it as a background noise and b. It isn’t a long show so I won’t stay up later than I’d like to finish an episode. So, I’m watching it again, and wishing, not for the first time, that I were a writer living in a city. I’m not wishing for the single part of it though – I’m far too happy and in love to ever want to be without my husband.

I’m in a hair rut, and thinking of cutting my hair differently. I’m not interested in dying it, but it’s getting too long and too much of a pain in the butt. It’s not the nice long, where my curls are lovely and my hair is thick. No, I have thin hair, and it is rather frizzy. It’s not a pretty look, to be honest. So, I’m contemplating cutting some of the length to try to make it look healthier than it is. I don’t heat style all that often, and when I do, I go DAYS without washing it. DAYS. So, whatever I do would have to work well with curly hair, be able to be worn pulled back, and look cute if straightened or curled. I also have an issue with the fact that I paid for some NuMe irons (the one with the 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm) and I don’t want that to be wasted as they were NOT cheap.

Kalen and I have been counting our calories, and he’s been working out a lot lately. We’re trying to lose weight and be healthier. He’s really dedicated and awesome – I’m super proud of him. I’m a little slack on it, but I am trying. Being home alone all the time makes it difficult because when I’m bored, I eat. When I’m procrastinating, I eat. When there’s nothing to do, I eat. It’s vicious. But, I’m trying to change my ways. Slow and steady wins the race.

That’s about all for now. Enjoy this “I’m numb from the dentist’s work” selfie.


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