The Grass is Always Greener….

It’s funny, I will be the first to CONSTANTLY complain that I am bored, have nothing to do, wish I did more, etc., but this summer has been one event after another. I can’t remember a weekend where something was not going on for Kalen and myself, and I found myself wishing that I had nothing to do. Our time is pretty well spoken for until sometime in October too. A birthday party, a wedding, another wedding, another birthday, a free weekend unless I do a craft show, another birthday, and then freedom until two craft shows in November. All this seems insane to me. We usually have nothing going on, hence my constant whining, but now….I just want to relax haha.

The semester is off to a decent but boring start. My classes aren’t bad, although two aren’t particularly exciting to me, but what can you do? Of course, my sleep schedule is BEYOND screwed up right now. 4 am and I feel wide awake (and no, I’m not sitting here chugging caffeine either). I really should attempt to pull an all nighter and try to regulate myself. Of course, it always happens that I do get tired, and then I stay screwed up. Having 4 of my 5 classes online doesn’t help me in this either, since I don’t need to be anywhere. The one class I do attend starts at 2 so I don’t have to worry about being up bright and early. Oops. 😉

Just a short update this time. Well, most times. Enjoy. 😉

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