I Specialize in Finding Excuses

I’m already back to my old ways. You know, putting off homework and note taking and studying until the last minute. The semester has been going on for 4 days. That’s skill, even for me.

I keep finding excuses to avoid doing what I need to be doing. A huge one is that my desk/study area was NOT organized. All my stuff was spread out. So, I’ve been working on getting it organized and set up. I had a little Sterilite 3 drawer cart downstairs in my craft area (that I don’t use as there’s nothing there to entertain me), so I brought it up and put in highlighters, Post Its, notecards, pencils, sharpeners, bookmarks, paperclips, and some erasers. I already have pens in a cup on the desk that Kalen and I both use, and I have some Staedtler pens (the triplus fineliners) in the case they come in set up. Now if only my keyboard was smaller and I could fit all my stuff on the desk without having to rehome that each time I needed to do something, I’d be great.

Our office/media room is a freaking mess right now. I stashed my jewelry stuff differently, so they’re in mini crates on a table…behind my unused elliptical (oops!). But the couch is covered with books, papers, random stuff, and a bag of crocheted cowls that I haven’t put away after the last farmer’s market I did. Next to the desk (my side) is another pile of random stuff, a few items that were knocked off my makeup table (that’s next to the desk, fyi), and a bin of yarn that has random stuff collected on it. haha. It’s…well, it’s awful. It’s a huge distraction too. So, I KNOW that if I get it straightened and cleaned up, I’ll be able to focus better. I’m not claiming to be the tidiest soul out there, but I dislike mess. You’d think that would mean I’d clean more often, and you’d be undeniably wrong. So, my mission is to straighten stuff up. I don’t need it to sparkle and shine and be magazine or Pinterest worthy, but I need it to be less of a distraction.

Also, proof that my room is awful. The other day I pulled down a bag of M&Ms (unopened) from our bookshelf that holds our movies (what, you don’t keep food there?), and another bag came with it. A Ziploc bag. With some Oreos. Not the regular kind, or the golden, but what I think were one of their special flavors. I don’t know what they were because I didn’t eat them. I think the mother-in-law bought them, and disliked them, but Kalen had eaten some. And they sat there, unnoticed, because they were hidden. I’m disgusted with myself, not gonna lie.

Anyway, it’s 4:30am in my neck of the woods, and I’ve yet to sleep. I’m still watching Supernatural like I’m being paid to watch it (just about finished with season 8). I guess I should go lay next to my husband for a little bit before he gets up to go to work, and I spend a few hours sleeping. 🙂

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