Fall Semester 2014

Well, the semester is starting! The first day is actually Monday, but let’s face it: My summer has come to end. Womp womp womp.

However, I have 4 online classes (2 are 8 week courses, and tie into each other so it’s more like 3), and then I have 1 nursing class. Because yes, I am in the nursing program! That class is for 8 weeks too, once a week. I had been in Thursday’s section, but today at our clinical orientation, my friend asked the advisor if there were open slots in the Monday section she’s in, and there were, and I switched! So, that is a HUGE plus!!!

I only briefly mentioned it once before, I think, but yes, I was officially offered a slot in the nursing program at the school I’d applied to. I am excited. I had orientation for that, for being a transfer student, and now for hospital clinical rotations. I plan on being involved, because I want to do as well as possible and have as much support as I can get. September 8th is the first meeting of the nursing club, and I plan on going to that. As I said, I want to be involved. This class will be relatively easy, but I plan on participating in study groups as I move further into the program. I’m so happy to be in the final steps of this journey.

Oh, and in other news, I’ve been watching Supernatural like a fiend. Love it!

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