My Happily Ever After

It never fails. Each night my amazing husband Kalen goes to bed before me. He works, I don’t. He goes to bed early, and sometimes I feel lonely. I’m a night owl by genetics (my Dad was one, and my sister is too). It’s not unheard of for me to go to bed after he’s left for work. I hate it, but try as I might, I cannot get into a normal habit of sleep.

So each night when 10pm rolls around and Kalen got to our bedroom to read before he sleeps, I am left alone (unless I join him, which is rare). It’s hard to be angry though, because this guy is a real life Prince Charming.

No seriously.

He goes to work Monday through Friday (and the first Saturday of each month). He’s salaried so those times he works over, goes in early, or works those Saturdays and goes over 40 hours a week? Yeah, those aren’t time and a half. He loves his job though. He does this and it allows me to be covered by his health insurance (as a diabetic with what is turning into a mysteriously chronic chest pain, this is a necessity). He pays for any doctor visits or medications I might need (this includes two specialists in a row and dental work). He pays my car payment on a brand new car (well, brand new in March, but I’m under 5,000 miles!). He pays for the car insurance on that brand new car. He fills my gas tank. He’s paying my doctor bills from my February hospital stay. He gives me money to go shopping. He washes the laundry. He helps out immensely around the house. Just this weekend we stayed in Racine for the weekend in a suite on the lake, with a view of the lake that included two nights of fireworks being set off on a barge. He took me to two nice restaurants (we’re talking over $100 one night and almost $100 the next for the two of us to eat and drink). He made sure I had snacks for the hotel room.

And now, we’re trying to sock away as much money as possible so we can buy a new house sooner, rather than later. I have 4 years of nursing school ahead of me. That means I won’t be working for 4+ years. So rather than wait, he’s saving as much as he can now to get us a home sooner.

So when I do finally go to bed at night, I look over at him. He’s usually hogging the bed AND the king size comforter. He’s almost always snoring. But I look at him, and I just have this overwhelming sense of love and pride. That’s right, I’m proud of my husband. He’s incredibly smart, he’s generous, he’s hard working, and he’s dedicated. He works full time and goes to school full time.

When I lay down next to him, finally, he reaches for my hand and takes it in his, and I fall asleep holding his hand. Like I said, he’s amazing. I should praise him all the time, but today….I just felt I had to share WHY he’s so dang amazing. ♥

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