The End of May and the Beginning of Summer

Ah, friends, I’ve been gone far too long! Do I have excuses? You betcha! Wedding, school, and vacation. Are they acceptable? No. I’m not trying to find some crazy blog fame, but I do enjoy the relationship I’ve developed with other bloggers through commenting and interactions, and I’d like to develop those with readers of my blog. My last real entry was in March. How crazy! I did a wedding picture post, but that was it. So, I offer my apologies. I cannot expect this little blog to grow if I’m always absent from it.

On that note, let’s catch up! A lot has happened over here, namely a wedding! I am really thrilled to call Kalen my husband, and I am just so thankful for every single day spent with him. He’s so good to me, and for me. I dated a LOT of losers before him, and now I have the best guy ever, in my eyes. He’s good to my family and friends too, which is hugely important. Past boyfriends were not. They were selfish and treated me like dirt. I’m so glad I have Kalen. Plus, I think he’s pretty sexy. You can disagree, I won’t mind.

The semester ended, thankfully. I was sick through most of it, which landed me a C in one class due to having been sick and missing two of the classes (it met once a week, we had a test each week and did two labs, so I missed two days of all that…yay), but I had A’s (high A’s too!) in my three other classes. I would have had a B in the other class had I not missed. I really enjoyed it though, and if it came to it and I had to retake it, I’d definitely take it with the same professor. She was just the greatest!

The day after Mother’s Day Kalen and I drove straight through to Texas. Fifteen hours of sitting in a car (minus bathroom breaks), driving. The best part? Oh, the 7 hours of a severe storm we had to drive through! Yeah, that was a real thrill. Kalen, bless, drove the entire way because we stupidly got McDonald’s for breakfast. My ailing stomach cannot handle such foods and I was sick. I was actually sick most of the time there. I think a large part was that we ate out a lot. It takes me awhile to recover from such things. Stupid innards. It was fun though. Like I said, we ate out a lot. We went to the Scarborough Renaissance Faire, went shopping, and swam. While we were there, swimming, it was snowing back home (just one day, but still!). It’s so nice down there. But, it got hot at the end and our room was really warm. I told Kalen I’m bringing my floor fan next time LOL.

Now we’re home, and just relaxing. He has work, of course, but neither of us have school. We’ve been catching up on TV shows, and I went through some clothes that I needed to organize. I have far more clothes than I need, so I don’t quite have the room necessary for them. I also need to organize my makeup area (need a bigger area…haha), and go through other things just to purge stuff.

A big thing I’m going to do this summer is make more jewelry! I sold a pair of earrings the other day, and the buyer FINALLY left a review! No one has bothered before (which I think is kind of rude). I want reviews so I can make my shop as best as possible. I can’t do that if no one leaves one lol. I did set up a Facebook page too, so that friends can buy directly from me if they aren’t fans of Etsy. I’d love to be able to have this shop take off and do well. I enjoy making the things.

And now, it’s time to go to dinner with Brittany and Ryan (and Abby!). Summer is off to a good start.

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