Social Butterfly

There is nothing better than good times spent with friends. Tonight we went to dinner with Ryan, Brittany, and their hilarious and adorable daughter (who turns 1 tomorrow!). And it was so nice to reconnect, and just have a good time. The only friends we really see often are Shauna and David. Not that we don’t have others, but those are the two we see the most, followed by Misty and Renee (when at Shauna and David’s lol).

I used to always be with friends. At one of our homes, hanging out, or out to eat (or the bar, 21+, but not drinking alcohol really). It was a fun time for me. I like being with people and chatting. It is something that makes me happy. So it’s not especially fun when we’re not with friends or we go a period of time not seeing any.

I’m the more social of the two of us. I think Kalen would be perfectly happy to never have to socialize. Unfortunately for HIM, he married a person who craves socializing, so he has to do it, by default. 😉

Saturday we’ll have Abby’s birthday party and then afterwards we’ll most likely go to see Sammi and possibly Tim, if he’s not working. She’s off all weekend-yay!!! It was so nice to have everyone at my Bachelorette/Bachelor party that my sister surprised us with (that I forgot to mention in the last post), and now I wish Kalen and I had the ability to host everyone and have cookouts, bonfires, and game nights often. Oh how happy I’ll be when that day finally comes!

We’re still playing catch-up on all our TV shows. It’s funny just how many we watch and I didn’t realize it. Or sad, depending on how you look at it. I wish we could cut down, and I know we technically could, but there are just so many that we both enjoy together and on our own. So, it’s hard to cut down on them, when we find them all so interesting. Right now we’re catching up on The Americans together, and I’m catching up on Reign (which had the “orchestra” or band or whatever playing Lorde’s song, whatever the first single was, at a dance….because it was a huge hit around the time of Mary Queen of Scots and all).

Are you like me, and crave socializing, or like Kalen?

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