Whew! I’m sorry dear friends, for being QUITE neglectful of this little corner of the blogisphere! I guess the time got away from me.

Today happens to be the two-year anniversary of my dear Gma’s death. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her desperately. Today also happens to be the day that my Aunt Elsie flew into town for my wedding! We picked her up at the airport this morning (well, her flight landed at 11:45) and then I spent the day over there. I’m so happy she’s here. Like, beyond happy.

Tomorrow is the rehearsal for my wedding. EEP! I cannot believe that the day is almost here, or how dang fast it went by! It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital, and Kalen was finding out he even got the job. Then we decided to go to the courthouse so I’d be insured. Well, the courthouse turned into a full blown ceremony, and here we are! Everything fell wonderfully into place.

Tomorrow will be spent getting manicures and pedicures, rehearsing, and then having dinner afterwards. And Saturday is when all my dreams come true. ♥

I’ll be sure to share pictures once I have some, and fill you all in on the big day. I’m so stinking excited! To be marrying my best friend, soul mate, and God’s gift to me…I’m so blessed.



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