Shine through the gloom

Let me start out by saying that we’re in my favorite church season: Lent!!! I love this season, and it includes one of my favorite hymns, Abide with Me. It’s been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. At our church, we’d dim the lights for the last verse and sing it while looking at the giant wooden cross  in the front.

Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes;
Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies.
Heaven’s morning breaks, and earth’s vain shadows flee;
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.

I often sing this verse when taking a shower (but only if I’m home alone!), and in my head randomly throughout the day, throughout the year.

So, lots of happenings in these parts! Kalen and I spent last Friday afternoon test driving cars because we’re hopefully getting new ones this weekend! My sweet guy is buying me a car!!! ♥ During my time of unemployment and while going to school, I’ve been looking for a job. Lately not as much, because once I’m in nursing school it will be hard to work around that schedule, but I have kind of stepped up the looking in order to help make the payments. Our goal is to pay as much as we can now, since we’re not living on our own. We’ll also be leasing them, and saving money to pay off the balloon payment at the end. We’re aware a lease isn’t ideal, and I’ve had one before and been burned, but right now it is the best option for us. It will be really nice to have two functioning cars (his leaks oil, the back door won’t open from when his car was hit by a semi, if he rolls down his window it scratches thanks to the same accident, his windshield is all scratched up, and his door handle broke off; my car leaks antifreeze, is AWFUL on gas, and if it’s cold out the doors won’t shut so I can never open any aside from mine, and sometimes I have to hold that shut as I drive), and to not be pouring money into these cars that we currently have (which I recently did when the coil spring broke and annihilated my front tire, and this was something recalled on models before mine, but APPARENTLY it was fixed for my model…hmph). As I said, I’ve leased a car before, but this will be Kalen’s first brand new car, and he’s pretty excited. 🙂

In addition to trying to find a job to help out, I’ve decided that I’ll start washing the laundry. Our arrangement was he’d wash, and I’d fold and put away. If I get a job, it might go back to that (and I still might need him to carry the basket downstairs because sometimes it’s too heavy for me with my wrist being wonky), but it’s not like it’s hard to wash the clothes (the folding and putting away is what I dislike, but folding is NOT a skill Kalen possess and he cannot remember where my clothes go). Even though we’re not married (YET BUT SOON!!!!), and we don’t live in our own house, I see no reason why I shouldn’t act like a homemaker and keep our stuff neat and tidy, and make him happy. You might think it sounds old fashioned, but I being a homemaker is how I envision my future (in addition to working as a nurse), and that is mainly because I’m very particular about how things are done around here.

That’s about all for now. Right now I’m marathoning Roseanne…again, and trying to enjoy my spring break, which is hard thanks to a nasty cold. But, I’m alive!

ALSO!!! I think this will be my bouquet:

bouquet love

I love the tulips and the baby’s breath. They just remind me so much of spring. I’m also going to make my own wedding jewelry because whatever I’m seeing that I like is something I can do myself, and is being sold for more than I want to spend on it. I’m frugal. 😉

xoxo Amber

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