Between feeling really, REALLY sick at the beginning of the year, and still feeling sick occasionally now, blogging has taken a backseat in my life. School is more important, but just as equally time consuming is….*drumroll*….PLANNING MY WEDDING!!!!!

I think I mentioned Kalen was offered, and accepted, a new job while I was laying around hooked up to monitors and needles in the hospital. This new job offers health insurance. Did I mention I don’t have health insurance? So, we’ve been together almost 5 years and engaged for a little over 2. We were slow to plan because his previous jobs were both part time and we wouldn’t be able to afford a wedding. So, it was put off. But now, with the insurance being dangled in front of me like a worm on a hook, and with the new job, we decided it was time.

So the big day is April 26th of this year (yes, I am aware it’s fast!). The ceremony will be at my beautiful church, and it will be a traditional Lutheran service. The reception is at a nearby restaurant/hall. I hired a photographer who did my friend’s wedding, and my cousin’s future husband (they’re getting married this September) is going to DJ the reception. My cousin is going to do my hair, and I’ll do my own makeup. I purchased my dress Saturday, and it should be done with alterations by April 2nd. Kalen is going to wear black dress pants and an ivory shirt and tie. His best man, Shauna’s husband David, will wear black pants, an ivory shirt, and a marine tie (which is navy blue, but David’s Bridal calls it “marine”). Jack will wear the same thing. If we cannot find a tie to match, I think I’ll go with gray, yellow, or green. Ashley, my maid of honor, has a navy dress. The color scheme will be either navy, yellow, and gray, or navy, green, and gray.



Or, the navy, gray, and a pale pink. I don’t have an example of the scheme like the above, but I have some flowers.





So there’s that. I also have dress pictures!!! The first is one I tried on but wasn’t really an option I considered. The second was the one I was torn on, and the third is what I went with. And I love it. I fell more in love with it yesterday when I took it for alterations.





I’m really excited. I’ll finally get to marry the love of my life! It doesn’t seem real. We bought his wedding band, and got mine sized, and when we tried them on to make sure they fit, I was like “Whoa! Wedding bands!” haha. I feel incredibly lucky that things have gone so smoothly for us so far. I’m not planning on decorating the church, the reception venue has centerpieces already, and napkins, so I don’t have to worry about that. I’m using fake flowers (I don’t think sneezing through my vows would be a good time), and I have a few ideas for the favors. I really wanted to do a candy bar type thing, but I think that would be more costly and more of a hassle than its worth. So, I’m going to do Sixlets or something like that in favor bags. I saw a few cute bags/stickers on Etsy that I think I’ll go with. I’m not sure on jewelry yet, but I’ll figure it out. I’m also not sure on our first dance song. I think it’s be cool to dance to Lana del Ray’s version of “Once Upon a Dream” because Sleeping Beauty is my absolute favorite movie, but I’m not sure it would be a good idea. We’ll figure it out.

Tonight we have to get the invitations and get them out ASAP, and I am thinking I might get bubbles for after we leave the church, so they can blow them at us. πŸ™‚ We’ll see though (I’m not sure bubbles are allowed; rice and birdseed and flower petals are not). I have a meeting with the wedding coordinator on Wednesday, so I can find out more then. πŸ™‚


Also, I saw this cake and I wish I could have. It would be like my Gma had a say in what was done. 😦



That’s all, because homework is beckoning to me. Boo.

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