Beautiful Girls

I love makeup. I don’t know about you, but going to stores like Ulta or Sephora, or shopping online at places like bh cosmetics makes me happy. Of course, Kalen is baffled by such things, but aren’t most guys?

What’s funny about my love of all things beauty is that I almost never do my hair or makeup. However, I own more than enough to last me a lifetime. I can’t help it though! I have more eye shadow palettes than I know what to do with, more lip products than I’ll ever use, mainly because my lips are so dry and gross all the time, and enough concealer/powder/foundation to cover my body 100 times over. It’s a sickness, and don’t even get me started on nail polish!

But, I love makeup and I always will. So I thought I’d take my creepy, obsessive love and share my stuff with you! I’m not claiming to be an expert on beauty products, and I’m definitely not an expert photographer, but I like seeing what people own in terms of makeup. I might swatch, I might just take pictures with the caps off, it will all depend on the products.

So, this is my little warning. Be on the lookout for makeup related posts with pictures and possibly reviews of some of the products too. Because, who doesn’t like reviews!?

I don’t know when you can expect these, as I just got home from the hospital Thursday evening, and have been trying to catch up with school and life in general, but they will be coming.

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