Spring 2014 Semester, Weeks 2 & 3

So I dropped the ball on posting the updates for weeks 2 and 3 of this semester. In my defense, I had a class canceled each week due to the weather, so it was like school wasn’t even happening lol.

In week 2, I had English in the morning on Tuesday, but my speech class was canceled (the weather was worse to the west, but don’t worry-it made its way to the east!). Thursday was a basic class, although in English we just had a discussion (the weather was still bad enough that elementary schools were not in session, and a lot of classmates were not there). In speech we did our first of four impromptu speeches, in a group…it wasn’t bad. I was slightly mortified at the thought of having to do an impromptu speech, but this was fun…and easy. Now he’s changed it and he thinks he’ll be giving us an assigned topic with a day or so to write it, and then we’ll give them. So not quite as impromptu but depending on the topic, not as easy either. In Microbiology, we finished up the lab from week 1 (I was severely disappointed in the result of my stair rail swab results, in that there was nothing but one tiny dot of bacteria…boo!), and then started another one with e-coli, deeps, slants, nutrient broths, and petri plates. It was incredibly fun!!! Again, I love my professor. In philosophy, we just did reading and voice board/discussion board posting. This class is fairly boring and basic, and I probably won’t talk much about it unless something deviates from the normal weekly schedule (like if there is a paper or something).


In week 3, Tuesday was canceled due to weather, and on Thursday I was sick. It was a fun story, where I thought “Hey, I’m going to get a grip on my diabetes!” and I took my metformin on Wednesday at lunch. Big. Freaking. Mistake. I was in the bathroom all night, dying from both ends. Never again will I take that demon pill. But, since it kicked in later on Wednesday, it continued into Thursday and I was terrified to be far from my toilet anyway, so even if I hadn’t felt as terrible as I did, I doubt I’d have gone to class. It was a bummer, to try to take care of my health and to have it so horribly backfire on me. Friday I felt okay though, and went to micro where I had my first test! I got a 90%…had I not changed the answer to 4 of the 6 questions I missed, I would have only missed 2. Go figure! lol. I had them right the first time too…stupid second guessing that I do! Then we looked at the labs we did last week, and did a new lab, which seems to be a growing trend that will continue on, I’m sure.


I’m bummed I already missed a class so soon in the semester, but it couldn’t be helped. Truthfully I’m still not feeling 100%, and I’ve been dealing with chest and stomach pains. I made an appointment with my doctor for next week on Wednesday morning (soonest I could get in without having to miss school), so hopefully I can get some answers.


Anyway, that’s all for now. 🙂


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