Spring 2014 Semester, Week 1

Clever title, yes?

Well, my first week of what is hopefully my last semester before I’m actually in nursing school is finished. I have to say, not only was I looking forward to this semester, but I think I’m going to love it! I know it will be a lot of work (because hello, English papers! Speech class! Microbiology!), but after last semester, this is going to be easy breezy. I think. I hope.

So, English 112. Exposition and Persuasion. I purposely took this EARLY morning class (8-9:15am) to have the same teacher I had for 111. I loved her. She was blunt, told it like it was, and definitely didn’t baby you or sugar coat things. I appreciate those qualities in a person, but especially a teacher. I have had teachers who were incredibly nice, but they were too easy on students and then the students took advantage of them. So, this class will not be easy, but I love writing. I have always loved writing, and English classes have long been a favorite of mine. We’re to pick a topic to argue (think gay marriage, although that one isn’t allowed since it’s been overdone), and that will be our topic throughout the entirety of the class. Once we reach the final paper, we’ll bring our previous papers together, add a little more, and we’ll be finished.

Up next is speech. Now, if you read my blog for some time, you will know that I took a speech class last spring. Unfortunately, after dealing with a terrible teacher, I discovered that while the school I’m at now requires just one of the two communications courses offered, to transfer I will need 101. I took 102. Exit Interpersonal Communications. Enter Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Now, I don’t mind speech classes per se. They’re not my favorite, but they’re not my least favorite. You won’t hear me saying they’re something I particularly enjoy. My teacher for this class is one of Kalen’s former co-workers, so that’s kind of odd. He seems like a nice guy though, and the people taking the class with me all seem to be nice. I have this class from 11am-12:15pm, so this gives me a bit of a break between classes to study, snack, and hopefully spend time with my friend who has classes on the same day, and a break at the same time. I don’t mind being solo during the breaks, but I do enjoy catching up with my friends.

Those classes are both on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then on Friday from 9-11:45am I have Microbiology. I’ll admit, this class seemed intimidating at first. I love science (NOT chemistry though…blech), but this is a required course. I have to do well in this class to do well later on, which makes is a little scary, you know? The professor is a doctor. Again, intimidating. But then class happened. And she was funny, and quirky, and down-to-earth. As soon as she introduced herself and went over the syllabus, I knew I was going to like her. This class, I’m going to like it. We did a lab, which was really fun and I am excited to see the bacteria results next Friday (we swabbed random surfaces and placed them in a petri dish and Friday we’ll see what we got. I did the railing of a stair well, and Jen, a girl who helped me carry stuff, swabbed the diaper changing station in the restroom). We’ll be reading the lectures on our own, prior to the class. The class will focus on taking tests/quizzes and doing labs. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but I do fine learning on my own (maybe better, if the material is presently clearly and concisely; in class I tend to daydream more than I should). My anatomy & physiology 102/advanced physiology 201 professor put me in this class specifically because he said she was the best professor and that I’d learn a ton with her. I’m glad I knew to trust his judgment. I am just really excited about this course, can you tell? Haha.

I’m also taking Introduction to Philosophy online. This is one of those classes that I don’t need but that I want to take. I think it will make me a better nurse. But, it’s also one of those classes (like Sociology) that I would prefer to take online. I see no point in being in a classroom for classes like this. I can read the book on my own, do the quizzes and discussions online, and learn the subject just as well, but I’ll be able to do it comfortably. Win-win, yes? I think this class will be interesting. I’ve already completed the first two weeks of classwork, aside from a voice board for session 2 (I’m waiting on a reply before I finish that up). I got a 9/10 on the quiz though, because I know the answer, and I could have SWORN I selected it, but I marked the one above by accident. Drat.

I will have to write my fair share of papers this semester, and speeches for that matter. What this means is I’ll end up putting it off for as long as I can, and then doing it all last minute. It’s my way, if you will. And, I do fairly well on the papers I turn in (all A’s), so it must be working. I am trying to stay on top of the readings. Ideally I’d like to be ahead, but sometimes that isn’t always possible in life. At least not my life.

So, there is my sort of check-in for this first week of the spring 2014 semester. If all goes well,like I said, it will be my last semester before I start nursing school. If it doesn’t go well, I’ll be taking another semester of classes. I am praying that I will be in nursing school though.

Any other students reading this blog? If so, how are your classes going so far?


P.S. I love all things Little House. Do you? If so, check out these posts and enjoy. This is one of my favorite blogs, fyi. 🙂

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