White Castle Makes Me Happy

Who here has had the pleasure of eating from White Castle? I mean the actual restaurant, NOT the frozen crap you can buy, by the way. If you haven't, I feel for you. While they're not healthy, they are quite delicious. Also, their chicken rings, cheese sticks, and fries are delicious as well. But today … Continue reading White Castle Makes Me Happy

Recipe: Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet

So this was another successful recipe, new to us. I had to tweak a few things in it, so I'll be putting what I did off to the side in parentheses. And, I froze half of it, so now we'll have it for a future meal! Score! I'm also switching up the wording of the … Continue reading Recipe: Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet

I am tired.

Winter break is winding down, and I am sad. I feel like it was just the end of the fall semester, and now I have to go back!? Not fair! Although, at times (and especially with the huge snowstorm and car issues keeping me homebound) it felt like the break was dragging. Kicking myself in … Continue reading I am tired.