A New Year, A New You?


I put my subject down as a joke. As I saw a post on Facebook, “You’ll still be the same idiot at 12:01 as you were at 11:59.” Someone else also questioned resolutions and how if you really seek a change, you can make it happen any time of year.

I guess there is some truth to that statement, but who wants to start a diet around the holidays? I know I don’t. I’ve been on diets prior to holidays and promptly fell off any wagon I was on.

Recently I’ve been really lethargic, sick-feeling, and just all around unhealthy and unhappy with my health. My sugar is always high, I’m always sick, and I’m fat. Stuff I bought in August doesn’t fit because I’ve gained 10 pounds. Probably all in the stomach too. And the thing is, I don’t mind being fat. Really I don’t. I might not have the perfect body, but I have a body someone finds attractive, and that someone is pretty dang awesome, if I do say so myself. So my quest isn’t to be thin and up to the standards of anyone, but I want my health back.

So I will be that person making resolutions. I do every year, why not? But this time, I’m hoping to stick to them because I’m forcing Kalen and Karen to participate.

Curious? I figured you would be (since I’m just that awesome and all).

1. Health. This means eating better, drinking more water, and using my elliptical. This last year (really the fall semester) I was more stressed out and sick than ever before. I was also eating whatever I wanted without caring if it was good for me or not, and I certainly wasn’t being active. My days were spent in class and then at home, always sitting.

2. Money. I need to stop spending so much! I buy far more than I should. Considering I’m a full-time student without a job surviving on student loans, this isn’t a good thing. I have more makeup than I could ever hope to use in my lifetime. I have so many clothes I can go for about a month without doing laundry and never run out of clean shirts. I buy more nail polish than I could possibly use. And we won’t get into hair products (although in my defense something that works once might not work the same way again with my curly hair). And yarn. I have GOT to stop buying yarn.

3. Excuses. This pertains to all areas of my life. I make excuses. I need to stop. End of story.

4. Time. I let school keep me from enjoying life at times. I miss birthdays and gatherings. If I keep this up, when I’ve graduated and have all that time I’ve spoken of, I won’t have any friends to occupy it with me.

5. Make. Crocheting, jewelry…I have the supplies, I have the abilities, but I don’t do it. I spend more time thinking about it and avoiding it and not doing it. I have 4 bins STUFFED with yarn, and I don’t make anything with it. Instead I find patterns that call for a yarn I don’t have on hand, and have to buy it, which turns into me getting a few skeins of other stuff. Oops.

6. Swearing. I cuss like it’s my job, and that is kind of disturbing. While I know I won’t be able to just not cuss, I want to do less of it and eventually stop completely. It’s going to take baby steps folks, baby steps.

7. Faith. I love going to church but rarely do. This has GOT to change in 2014. I need to start reading my Bible again. I read it all in 2011, and sporadically thereafter. I haven’t picked it up in quite some time. And honestly, that makes me sad. I love the Bible. Even the “boring” books (I’m looking at you, Old Testament!) are great to read. The history, the laws, the ways of life, and of course the Lord – it makes for the perfect reading material. And I need to pray more. Not just when I want something either, but I want to have that relationship with God.

8. Sarcasm. I have a really sarcastic sense of humor. While that works for some people, especially those I’m really close to, not everyone gets it, and I can create trouble with that.

9. Kindness. I have to be nicer. I don’t mean to be mean, but I am mean. I hate that personality trait of mine, because it is NOT Christ-like in the least bit.

10. Clean. I used to dust and vacuum weekly. I’m lucky if it happens each month. So, I want to keep up with the laundry, the dusting, the vacuuming, and the general tidiness of the house. I hate a mess, so why make myself live in one?

11. Love.

So, there are my resolutions/goals/whatever you want to call them for 2014. Pray for me, that I will overcome the obstacles in my path and will make these happen!!!

And also, I’m considering doing another DietBet, if you’re interested: http://www.dietbetter.com/games/30226

So there is my random update! I will try to be better about posting regularly in 2014 than I have in 2013.

xoxo, Amber

2 thoughts on “A New Year, A New You?

  1. Awesome goals!!! I’m totally on board with most of these for myself too. Especially crafting/making….I’m always thinking “oh man I could make the coolest things if I had the time!” but then when I have time I’m all “nah I’d rather sit here and eat some candy.” Haha! And I totally need to be more healthy too. I’m so lazy and lethargic these days – but I want to be a fun Mom that can play tag with toddlers, and I’m having a hard enough time keeping up with my 10 month old as it is! So sad. (PS I just realized I never added you on FitnessPal! I couldn’t figure it out from my app and forgot to sign in online – haha oops. I’ll get to it! I’ve been neglecting that app too…)

    ANYWAY. Virtual fist bump for being happy with your body though, it’s something I wish people said more! I always feel weird when I say that, it’s like people stare at me like I have a third arm. Is it really so odd to not nitpick at all of your parts?!

    Okay I could go on and on but I’ll cut this novel short 😛 I was never a very prolific swear-er, but I found that finding ridiculous filler cuss words really helped me…daggummit, shoot dang, jank/janky, flippin/fricken/effin, poop on a stick…hahaha. Sounds ridiculous but it’s slightly less offensive and makes people laugh. And when I’m remembering to read the scriptures and pray I’m less inclined to use crude language/be mean/use sarcastic humor! Faith really does have a huge effect on so many of our other goals, I think. Happy New Year and I’ll be praying for you!!

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