Where has the time gone?

I could have sworn I had posted more recently than I last did, BUT I see that was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong!!! So, to the…very few readers I have here, I’m sorry, and I’m still alive!!! Barely so, but alive nonetheless.

Finals are this week….eep!!! I’ve been anxiously waiting for this week to be here, and in my mind I’d be better prepared, having hunkered down to study, and having spent my entire break studying. So not the case. I spent Thanksgiving doing nothing school related, spent quite a bit of study time with Kalen’s Dad and stepmom who were in town (they leave tomorrow), and haven’t been feeling too well lately, which means the slacking off is at an all time high.

I already got my main Christmas gift from Kalen – a new camera! It’s nice, and I love it, AND he got me the one in plum, which I wanted, even though he thought it was stupid to get it in a color. I took a ton of pictures of Bailey with it, and gave Shauna and David my old, but still excellent, camera because theirs broke right before Bailey was born and they weren’t able to replace it. I love buying stuff for people, or giving them something they’ll need or that they want. Granted it wasn’t a brand new camera, but I didn’t use it much, and it was still really nice, and it’s going to be used. So, that makes me happy.

Another AWESOME gift from Kalen is the Naked 3 Palette! I had gone to buy it the first day Urban Decay had it on their site but it was already sold out (BOO!), so I signed up to be emailed when it was back in stock. Well wouldn’t you know it that I got the email as I was leaving school one day and wasn’t able to order it, and I had emailed him and whined about it (I didn’t expect him to buy it for me though, and I wasn’t asking him to) and he said something like “I’m sorry” or “Yay” because that’s just what he does, and then he sent an email of the order confirmation. I was really surprised, and excited, but since I was driving I didn’t respond, and he seemed confused at my lack of response. I assured him I was thrilled, and explained he didn’t HAVE to order it for me, but it was sweet of him to do so.

I also got my Christmas gift from my Mom early, mainly because she didn’t want to have it sent to her house as she didn’t plan on wrapping the box, and that great gift is an elliptical! I am super excited to get it put together (after finals) and start using it. Treadmills can bother my knees because I step too hard on them, and I’ve always loved ellipticals, and this is just the thing I need to hopefully lose weight, especially since I’ve gained 10 pounds, give or take. I am NOT happy to have gained weight that I worked so hard to lose either. The start of the year will bring about some changes here. More fruits and veggies, definitely more water (I drink far too much pop), lowering my caffeine intake, and eating far healthier meals. Plus, the elliptical, and more kettlebell use, and when it is warm – bike rides!

I need to get healthier and more active. So does Kalen. We’ve both gained weight (him more than me) and we both need to lose weight for health reasons (me more than him, thanks to the diabetes). It isn’t easy to break our bad habits, and he is quite picky so I have to take that into consideration when making meals (although if I really feel the dish needs it, it gets added and he can just pick it out because I don’t care haha), and his Mom isn’t always too interested in the more healthier dishes, so there is that too. I’m hoping though, that if the two of us are on board with this, that it will be easier. Two against one and all that jazz.

I’ve gotten a good portion of my Christmas shopping done, or I know what I’ll be getting for people. I’ll finish it up once finals have ended, but I have the boys completely taken care of, I got my uncle Alan part of his gift, stuff for Lourine and for Karen, stuff for Ashley, something really awesome for Jack, and nothing for my Grandpa, Mom, Auntie, or Kalen. I’m not done with anyone except the boys though. Yay! I’d post ideas because I don’t think any of them even know this exists (I don’t keep it quiet though) but I know that if I did, they’d suddenly be reading this. That’s just the way life works! lol.

Recently, since it’s been really cold, I was laying in bed shivering like I had hypothermia, and I asked Kalen to grab the afghan down that my Gma had made (the last one before she died) and put it on the bed. We have just a plain gray quilt, but it’s pretty cozy (king size on a queen size bed) and we have a king size down blanket but I get hot easily, and Kalen is like a personal little heater, so I end up sweating and waking up and not being able to sleep. If he’d let me turn on both fans and not just the one, we’d be fine and could use the down blanket. As of right now it is a waste of money. If we kept the door open would could better utilize it, but it seems that if we do that, Rosie jumps all over the dressers and cube shelves, and since I have a lot of breakables, I just keep the door shut to prevent her from breaking anything. During the day she’s fine, and just sleeps, but at night she goes crazy.

Well, I’m waiting on Kalen to bring me home some Taco Bell (I was sick today and I’m starving, and while it MIGHT not be the best choice, it’s what I have a craving for), and he just pulled in, so I’m going to end this. 🙂

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