A New Day, A New Start

[I thought this was fitting for the title]

I’ve been thinking a LOT lately about what I want this blog to be. And the truth is, I can’t decide on a “theme” for it. There are so many types of bloggers: lifestyle, fashion, DIY, babies and mothers, cooking, fitness, health, fat positive, beauty, etc. And the thing is, I can’t pick just one category, because my life fits into more than one. I am a bunch of things: a daughter, a fiancee, student, a future nurse, a screw up, tattooed, creative, interested in makeup and other beauty related items, etc. It sounds chaotic, right?

Enter, the chaotic owl. I saw a picture that had the phrase “delightfully chaotic” on it, and it stuck with me. And I couldn’t help but think how absolutely perfect it was in terms of my life. Because my life is anything but smooth. It is full of chaos. But, I LOVE owls. I know that almost everyone does, but I have for awhile now (before they got really popular and then they blew up), and thought “Why not combine the two?” So, The Chaotic Owl was born. When I did a search for it, nothing else came up, so I don’t know if it’s being used or not, but at this point I don’t care.


The header is rough, to say the least. My skills do not include things like Photoshop or picture editing. I can crochet, I can make jewelry, but I can’t do photography-type things. I can’t even take good pictures of the things I’m good at making (which you might notice if you’ve ever checked out my Etsy shop). Speaking of that, I REALLY need to get on the ball and take care of the billions of stuff I have made but haven’t taken pictures of yet, then resize them, and then upload them, and post them. Which, if you have ever sold anything on Etsy, you know that it is time consuming. And a lot of work. Lots and lots of work.

Today might also be a new day, but it hasn’t been a good day. I missed my algebra class Tuesday because I was sick, so this morning I woke up, ate breakfast, slapped on some makeup, gathered my coffee and supplies, and walked out the door. Lo and behold, car is covered in frost. I start it and Kalen starts scraping the windows, and I go to shut the door and it just pops back open. Okay. So I spray on some white lithium grease and kept trying to shut the door…no dice. Then he tosses the scraper into the back of the car and shuts the door. Which then pops open. His suggestion was that I hold the door shut and drive. Which, even if I were capable of doing that, the back door wouldn’t have stayed shut. I kept trying while the car heated up, but they didn’t close so I went in at like 7:45 or so…after running the car about 30 minutes, give or take a few. I went back out at around 8 and they finally shut, but by that point I had been crying out of frustration and class had already started. Fantastic. The professor probably thinks I’m some huge loser because I have been sick a lot this semester, unfortunately, and now I have missed two classes in the same week. Fantastic! We were supposed to have a test today, so I’m thankful he pushed it back until Tuesday. I’m telling you, this car has been the worst thing I’ve owned. Argh.

Anyway, Harry is indicating that he’d like me to leash up his cute little self and take him on a romp through the gorgeous fall leaves, so that’s it for now.

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