So I took the path less traveled on/And I’ll let my stories be whispered

School is no joke. I love every minute of learning new things. I do not love having to leave the house each day looking presentable (seriously, why isn’t it acceptable to wear stretchy pants with a tank top and no bra yet?), or that I have to focus so early in the morning. I hate the morning. It’s my least favorite time of day.

Anyway, I chopped 6″ off of my hair, and while it’s still long enough for a ponytail, I am still considering going even shorter. It curls so well now that the weight is off the end, and I love it! I’ve been showering at night (remember, I hate mornings but I have to look presentable 5 days a week), and then putting mousse in my hair, then gel, and then I scrunch it with a rag and put some duckbill clips on the front top to keep it off my scalp, and then when it’s time to go to bed I twist it up into a bun on the top of my hair, leaving the clips in, and in the morning I take it down and arrange it. It works wonderfully. And it’s easy (although reading it typed out, it does sound like it’s more work than it really is), and it looks good. Wins all around. 😉

I’m super excited for my upcoming period because I ordered 7 or 8 new pads (I can’t remember lol) in cute fabrics, and I ordered my first wetbag. I don’t have one so I never use cloth pads at school when I’m gone for an extended period of time because I don’t have a place to store the used ones. At home I rinse and can put them away, but I am NOT tossing a bloody pad into my purse without a bag. I didn’t want to waste baggies or plastic bags though, so I just used disposable (stuff I’ve had on hand since before I built up my stash of cloth pads) for those days. I got a wetbag with two compartments so I can store fresh on one side and dirty on the other. And, tmi time: I love cloth pads because not only are the eco-friendly and cheaper in the long run, but they’re comfy! The disposable ones really irritate my skin and I’m always itchy and uncomfortable. With cloth pads, that doesn’t happen. So if you wear pads, and you don’t use cloth, try buying just one and seeing how you like it. I bet you’ll be surprised. And, it’s not any grosser than leaking onto your underwear and rinsing them out and washing them. I certainly don’t throw away underwear if that happens.

So, anyway, I finally went to the eye doctor and ordered new glasses. I got a pair yesterday: too small! I’m waiting on the others to get here and if I happen to really enjoy those frames I’ll order them in black since I got them in brown. Fail. If not I’ll get another pair from the other site. Frustration to say the least!

How are you all doing? Sorry I’m on here so infrequently. Life is just busy, and I’m not complaining. 🙂

One thought on “So I took the path less traveled on/And I’ll let my stories be whispered

  1. (I’m finally remembering to comment!!!)
    Cloth pads are so intriguing!! I mean, I use cloth diapers for my kid so it can’t be that different right?? Plus the wetbag I bought to store diapers on the go is totally too small, so using it for pads instead would give me an excuse to buy a bigger one for diapers 😉 my Mom bought a DivaCup but never used it, passed it on to me, and I recently tried it for the first time…it was so weird. I loved not throwing anything away, but I definitely had some issues with it. I love how low-maintenance pads are 🙂
    Good luck with school this week and looking presentable!! If you ever want to start a stretchy pants revolution I’ll totally join you!!!

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