Spasms of Pain

Wanna know what sucks? Being perfectly fine as you drive to chemistry, and then your back starts to spasm like crazy when you get into class. It’s still spasming like crazy, even after taking ibuprofen and laying on a heating pad. I went downstairs to get a pop, and almost cried it hurt so bad to take the steps up and down.

Something else that sucks is my chemistry class. When the teacher lectures, it’s hard to pay attention because she is very confusing and when she doesn’t completely know something, she kind of trails off and just moves on from it, which isn’t really helpful to the students. Rather than paying attention to her lecture (which was her reading the slides, which I have printed for myself), I took notes on a different chapter. I feel like focusing on something we’re not covering now, but is for the class is better than not paying attention at all. She’s a nice lady, but I’m regretting that I didn’t switch to a different class.

I’m trying very hard to figure out which school will be the best for me for nursing. I’ve got Purdue Calumet, Purdue North Central, and Valparaiso University to pick from. I’m leaning towards Purdue Cal because Kalen goes there and he can help me find my way around, and I’ve already looked into them before. Plus it’s closer than PNC and cheaper than VU. All of those factors kind of lead up to it feeling like the best choice for me. Plus, and VU is the same, there is no test to get into their program. PNC has one though, and I’m not the best test taker haha.

So, this weekend was fairly low-key. The mother-in-law was out of town so Kalen and I had the house to ourselves, which was nice. I already wrote about Friday’s happenings though.

Saturday we…you know, and then went shopping for a few things (razor blades! cheese! tostada shells!), and then he dropped me off at my parents’ house so I could go with my sister to Torrid to return something (she bought me some bathing suit bottoms…I needed a smaller size because the pair I had was too big on the butt haha, and they were $8.50. The pair I bought were $30), and to Target and Best Buy so she could get her TV shows on DVD. Then she had dinner with us and we watched Now You See Me which was really good. Kalen and I planned on more couple time, but we ended up passing out. Turns out we’re old and exhausted. WHO KNEW!?

Sunday the MIL came home, and the day was spent watching football (and damnit, the Packers LOST!), doing homework, and me feeling like crap. I was just really tired, and couldn’t focus for the life of me. The focusing is a real issue for me lately. Facebook is the worst. My options are to deactivate (and I tried that and less than 24 hours later I was back on) or to delete almost all my friends so as to not be distracted. I hate that I feel the need to check it as often as I do. It wasn’t always that way though, but when my Gma was sick, I spent a lot of time taking care of her and checking FB to pass the time, and I haven’t been able to stop. I went through my old timeline and noticed I could go a month or more without a single post. Now there are about 10 posts a day, if not more. That’s ridiculous, I know. I deleted Instagram a bit ago, and when I’m really bored I miss browsing it, but it was actually really easy to not have it anymore. I have other (better) apps on my phone for taking pictures, and most people post their pictures to Facebook or Twitter so I’m not necessarily missing anything. I use Facebook though, to stay in touch with various family members and friends. Hell, my best friend was pregnant and posted it on Facebook during that period of my life where I wasn’t constantly checking it, and I didn’t find out because I missed that post. I happened to see a later post (like 3 months later!) mentioning it, so I’m worried that I’ll miss more if I’m not using Facebook, ya know? It’s stupid, and I should know that true friends will stay in touch via text or email or real life, but there’s that niggling doubt deep down. I know, I sound pathetic lol.

Anyway, I need to get back to eating better, tracking it faithfully, and I need to start working out. I feel so sluggish, and I know that weight and diet are playing into that. Care to share any healthy eating tips or workouts that have been successful?


4 thoughts on “Spasms of Pain

  1. Boo Chemistry! I had a rough time understanding thr subject even with good teachers…good luck!!

    And with Facebook…even though I deleted it, I still log on to my husband’s once or twice a week to check in on my good friends. A couple of them just had babies, and while they do remember to text me, etc, they still post more pictures to FB and I want to see them! Haha. So…I guess I’m not cold turkey on that anymore πŸ˜›

    I use this app called “My Fitness Pal” to track what I eat and how much I exercise! It’s super helpful! You can just scan the barcode on whatever you’re eating and it’ll put in all the nutritional info for you! Or if there’s something you eat a lot you can enter a recipe ingredient by ingredient. I like it, and need to use it more myself!

    • I know! That’s my issue with chemistry!!! I’m hoping that Kalen will be able to help when necessary, and I have a good friend who is a genius and really good in chemistry, so I might be placing a few calls to him at some point haha.

      I keep telling my cousin to get a FB to post baby pictures, but she won’t. haha.

      Speaking of baby pictures, I need another invite to your blog haha. The old one expired, and I forgot to bookmark it, like a dope. 😦

      I use MFP too. Do you add people to it? If you do I’m on there as xmydearambellina (because I’m creative and original with usernames). Sometimes I’m bad at logging my food there, but I do watch what I eat and pay attention to such things.

      • Oh good, I’m glad you’ll have chem help!! That’s what finally got me through πŸ™‚

        And I’ll send another invite no problem!! If I happen to forget, just keep bugging me about it πŸ™‚ and I do have a couple people added on MFP! Like, literally two, and they’re my parents…because nobody else I know uses it! Haha. I’ll add you! I think my username is radrar or something like that…kind of sort of a variation of my initials and an old username I used to use all over the place…sometimes I’m *too* creative with mine. πŸ˜› I love yours!! Seriously. I’d use it everywhere too!

      • I got the invite, thanks!!! I know I have it saved to my desktop but I’ve been using my laptop recently and therefore couldn’t see it. 😦

        haha I got mine from a Coheed & Cambria song.

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