Saturday’s Stuff v.2

I’m already late for this weekly feature haha. BUT I just lost track of the days, which has happened more than I care to admit while being on break. So it’s Saturday while I start the post, and it will either be posted just before midnight, or it will be after. So, it counts.

Stuff for Lunch
Doesn’t this Cucumber Chicken Salad look yummy?

Stuff to Make with Vegetables
Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm Prop Stylist: Marina Malchin
This yummy looking Corn with Paprika Butter. We recently got 5 dozen ears of corn from our neighbor and we’re going to freeze it, and I’m thinking this needs to happen with what we don’t freeze.

I love zucchini and Mexican food so this Skillet Mexican Zucchini has to be made immediately.

Stuff to Make for a Sweet Tooth

I love s’more and these S’mores Brownies have me drooling.

Stuff to Take to a Party or Picnic
Broken Glass Jello. Enough said.

Stuff to Make for Breakfast

I love bacon, and I love eggs. These Bacon Egg Cups satisfy both of those loves.

Stuff to Crochet

What a fun looking 6-Day Kid Blanket!

Stuff to Do with Kids
The site isn’t in English but I think it will be okay since this Q-Tip Art Project is pretty self explanatory.

I feel like kids would have a fun time making these Marbled Easter Eggs. Fun eggs don’t have to be for Easter either!

Stuff to Do to Get in Shape

This Yoga Sequence for a Mega Calorie Burn looks like it would be a good one.

Stuff to Make for an Easy Meal
No picture, but this One Pot Cheesy Chicken Pasta will find its way to a future weekly menu.

Stuff to Make You Laugh
Breaking Bad. ‘Nuff said.

Stuff for Your Nails
What’s great about this is that it is football, and the other nails are green…So, Green Bay Packers!!!!

That’s all for this week. Looks like it’s after midnight (I’m on central time) by 16 minutes. Ooops!!!!

xoxo Amber

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