Lists and Tasks

I love making lists. In fact, I’m constantly making lists. When I worked at the law firm, I was always making a to-do list of chores for that day or week, or even month. Something about writing out what I need to do just helps me do it. Or, remember to add it to a new list when I put it off. 😉

So, that’s my list for my mini break (you know…the 18 days I get before I start class again, and 7 of them have passed me by already), and I’ve checked off quite a few of them already. If I don’t finish it before school starts, that’s cool too. None of them are too hard to accomplish, so I won’t stress over them.

Anyway, a friend told me that she wasn’t able to comment because she doesn’t have a WordPress blog. I suppose that might explain the extreme lack of comments left on my posts!!! We (well, Kalen) will be fixing that tomorrow.

I don’t have much else to write about right now, but when I was in the ER, Ashley went to the Field Museum and brought me back a little something. I want to pretend it is because I love dinosaurs, but it’s because my family teases me for having short arms and calls me t-rex. Hmph.


OH! And proof that something on the list was accomplished: we finally hung pictures!!!

xoxo Amber

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