The End is Near!!!

No, this isn’t a doomsday post. My summer class ends TOMORROW and I’m excited!!! I love my teacher, and the class (or else I wouldn’t be pursuing this particular path) but I am ready for a damn break!

Between celebrating our 4 year anniversary and going to the ER to have my lip glued back together, July has been a crazy busy month, not to mention all the homework/studying/tests that have been happening on my end.

Once Wednesday is over and done with, I have quite the to-do list. I am going to finish up crocheting a baby blanket a friend requested for her son (born in June…oops!), spend time with my baby Bailey (she was born 7/17…only twelve days late!), hopefully swim if the weather warms itself up, take a trip to Green Bay, and just enjoy myself before the fall semester begins.

I’m 95% sure I’m going to attend Valparaiso University after I finish up at Ivy Tech, doing their accelerated program for nursing, as long as I can swing the loans and aid and whatnot. If I can’t, I’ll go the Purdue route (against my better judgement as I’m an IU girl at heart). Praying that VU works out because I’ll be there with my new bff (she might not agree to this term though). Since I’ve changed my…final outcome, if you will, my classes are different. This fall I’m taking chemistry (with two friends), algebra (solo, boo!), lifespan development (solo but with my psychology teacher from spring teaching it), and advanced physiology (with two friends). In the spring I’m taking philosophy, an English class required at those two universities, and statistics (with a friend) and communications (solo and again because THIS one is what the other schools want, not the one I took, which would have been GRAND to know prior to taking that class with the worst teacher ever), and microbiology (with another friend). I’m pretty excited about this all, and then NEXT fall (2014) I’ll hopefully be taking a semester at VU, followed by the 15-month accelerated program.

In other exciting news, I’ve sold two things on my Etsy store, and two things to a friend’s mother. Sweet! ♥

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