Veins, and arteries, and capillaries…Oh my!!!

This weekend will be chock full of getting my learn on. Wednesday we have a test over the heart and cardiac system. To say that I’m a bit stressed about doing well would be a huge understatement. I want to be successful more than anything in the world, and I want to do this all for my Gramma, because I know if she were still alive today, she would be proud of me.

I’ve been on a picture uploading frenzy lately. I still regularly post from my LiveJournal account and I haven’t been really great at taking the pictures off of my camera and showing them off. So, I did a HUGE post the other night that was Superbowl, my birthday, Medieval Times, my Mom’s birthday, Nicky’s baseball game I went to, Shauna’s baby shower, and Mother’s Day. Quite a bit of work! I also made a post of some pictures my Gma had scanned onto her Facebook account in 2009 of me when I was younger. I think the oldest was from 1997 or 1998, so I was 12 or 13 in them. One of my dear LJ friends made a comment that I look a lot like my Mom, but I think I look more like my Dad. Perhaps it’s the chubby factor, because my Mom is thin. Who do you think I look most like?

Mom and me on my 28th birthday

Mom and me on my 28th birthday

Dad and me when I was a little thing

Dad and me when I was a little thing

Anyway, I’ve been staying up way too late recently, and then sleeping the morning away. That has GOT to stop…but I can’t break the cycle. There were a few days I woke up after about 5 hours of really crappy sleep, and I was still up until 3 or 4 in the morning. Sigh. Considering I have classes next semester at 8am twice a week and 9am three times a week, I need to work this out and soon. Argh! It’s very frustrating when you don’t WANT to sleep the day away, and you do. I tried setting alarms and I just ignore them. Oops. I suppose the Roseanne marathons I’m having with the seasons on DVD aren’t helping my case much.

Lately I’ve been pretty blah. I miss having a best friend. Or a friend, in general. Ryan can’t be bothered to text me, even after promising to do so because we’ve been friends for so long and she doesn’t want to lose that, Matthew just flat out ignores me and makes jokes about hanging out once a season, which I don’t think is funny at all, Sammi is always working or I’m busy when she’s free (but we still text each other, so I’m not mad at her for this), and Tawnya will text me every so often, but she tends to forget anything I’ve said in previous conversations which is frustrating. Sigh. At least I have Kalen. I’m ready to cut ties with two friends at this point, because I can only put forth so much effort before I realize it isn’t worth it. The length of time doesn’t matter to me. I can’t keep letting them treat me like a doormat. I’m sick of them expecting me to be there for them, at their beck and call, when they can’t be there for me. Ever So…eventually it will be good riddance to them.

Anyway, that was a bit off topic. I think I’ll get some sleep now as I have more homework and studying to accomplish tomorrow. Goody.

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