Sometimes, Life Happens

Life in these here parts has been a roller coaster ride of FUN!

The DietBet has been just eh. I was doing REALLY well, and then I got food poisoning. I ended up missing the first day of my summer class (what a great impression to make!) and I’ve been taking my insulin like I should be. But here’s the thing: When I take my insulin, I either don’t lose and gain, OR I barely lose. So, in spite of my best efforts, the scale moved up and isn’t budging. I don’t think I’ll be winning. I have had some fabulous blood sugar levels though. I guess that’s a fair trade? Although, I’d prefer to win the money back. šŸ˜‰ There is still a little bit of time! Maybe I can do it haha.

School, now THAT is amazing! This teacher is phenomenal. I had a terrible professor last semester. Just awful. Not in the “he was really tough on us” sense of awful either. More like the “I’m spending a lot of money on a class I NEED and I’m not learning a damn thing” way. And it wasn’t just an issue I had…no, it’s an issue all the students who take his class have. He’s just an awful teacher, and I have NO idea why the school keeps him on staff. So this new teacher, he knows what he’s doing. And he actually gives a crap about our future. I met with him to make sure I was on the right track, and found some stuff wrong with my schedules.

So, let’s talk about THAT, shall we? First, my adviser told me that I can take any two of these three: microbiology, chemistry, and advanced physiology. I chose micro and advanced a&p. I dislike chemistry. That was wrong. I was also told that, if I finish my pre reqs this fall, I cannot apply to the nursing program until the semester has ended, so instead of applying for the program in the spring, I have to apply for it in the fall. Well, for when I’d start it, not when I can apply. Make sense? It might not. That’s okay, because she was wrong. So instead of taking micro, advanced a&p, algebra, and my two psychology classes in the fall, and some “fun” classes in the spring, I’m splitting up what I need between those two semesters and then applying come spring for the fall semester of the nursing program, because I don’t have to wait an entire semester before applying, like I was told and tried to horribly explain. Basically I was told that if I finish in the fall, I have to apply that spring for the next fall, when I could apply that fall for that spring. I was also told I could take either speech 101 or interpersonal communications 102. Now, I took 102. I had a terrible teacher. Constantly cancelling classes, not grading like she said, etc. Wrong.

So now, in the fall, I’m taking chemistry, algebra, and the two psychology courses. In the spring, I’m taking microbiology, advanced physiology, speech 101 (hate), and because he set me up to apply to the school and another school, English 112 (the other school requires it). I will also take my TEAS test in February, and again in March if I don’t pass. In April, I will apply to start the nursing program at both schools in the fall. So, I’m still on track for what I thought, and I’m taking what I NEED for both schools too. Also, while this school is for an associates in nursing, the other is a bachelor’s. So, it might be a year or two longer total (I heard it was just one, but I heard two from another source, so I’m not sure), I want to get my BSN eventually. He is worried about my chances at my school because of the B I got in A&P last semester (5 classes, 3 A’s, and B’s in the two classes with the terrible teachers. I don’t think this was my fault, because I worked my ass off, and they were both half-assing their jobs), so we’ll see if I’m accepted. The other school isn’t as strict, they base it on GPA, because they have more slots open in the program.

Like I said, he cares about our success. He’s constantly offering advice and telling us he will happily help us. He told us that a few students he has before asked him to meet with him (they’re already in the program at the school) to review some stuff, and he held a tutoring session with them in the library. I could barely get those two teachers last semester to respond to an email, so I think a tutoring session a few years later would be totally out of the question.

He posts a lot of informational videos that have been really helpful in aiding me in the learning process of certain aspects of what we’re covering. I love it. We already had our heart dissection lab, a blood pressure lab, and our first test (which, to be honest, I don’t think I did well on. His test really required knowing a lot of the finer details, so at least now I know for future exams). His lectures are great too. Very informative and he makes sure we understand a difficult concept before moving on. Love it! Even though there have been days where the last thing I wanted to do was put on clothes and leave my house, I love class. Hell, today we were let out early (class is Monday and Wednesday from 6-9:45 at night, and we got out at 8:22 because we finished this section), but usually the class just flies by and the late time doesn’t bother me in the least. I am DEFINITELY taking him for advanced physiology. And I can’t wait. šŸ™‚

Outside of class, things are fun. We swam on Father’s Day at Auntie’s, and it was really nice. My first time in their pool. Kalen and I hung out with Shauna and David a few times, and Bailey’s due date is fast approaching. I can’t wait to meet the little brat. ♥ Kalen’s Grandpa also built us an 8′ shelf for our room to hold my owls, and we installed that…two weeks ago I think. We actually had them over for dinner, and the guys put it up. Kalen just put the owls up there today, but they need to be rearranged. We really just wanted to get the bins out of the room since they were in front of the closet and I couldn’t get to anything in there lol.

I finally listed some earrings in the shop. Check them out (found HERE) and be on the lookout for more! I have some ready to photograph, and lots of others to make. I’m still working on the baby blanket I’m making for my friend Sammie Jo’s baby boy (he’s already here, I’m just slow), and I’m stockpiling crochet patterns for future projects, either to sell or to give as gifts. I have some chunky yarn in some really pretty colors and I’m thinking I need a new cowl or two for myself. šŸ˜‰

Nothing else is really happening. Life is busy, but boring. It’s filled with studying and homework and discussion boards, but also with sleeping in and not showering on my off days. I’m not ashamed to admit that either.

How is everyone else doing? Enjoying this summer??

xoxo Amber

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