Easy Living

I’m loving this mini break so far! Last summer I was technically unemployed and free, but it was right after my Gramma died and then my Aunt Anna died, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable break I’ve had in my life. I wish I could take the entire summer off and enjoy myself, but in doing that I’d either have a really stressful fall semester or I’d have to put off applying to the program by another semester, neither of which I want to do, so the two days/8 hours of going to class this summer for 8 weeks is the better option for me. Plus, I’m taking the class with my friend Alyssa, so it will be fun.

This week has been awesome so far. Kalen’s been home early, we’ve made delicious dinners (and went out for a delicious dinner), hung freshly washed laundry on the line (best thing ever amiright!?), and ran errands. Today we’re going to refill the water jugs (gotta love country livin’!) and get a few things from the grocery store. Tomorrow we’re going on a skating date with Nicky, which should be interesting.

How is everyone doing?

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