End of Spring 2013

I realize that it’s May 9th and spring is still blooming (see what I did there?), but the semester is over! I’m unsure on two of my grades, but the other three were A’s, so I’m happy about that. I finished up my Psychology and Sociology classes today, and I’m finding that I’m looking forward to my psychology classes next semester more than anything. Perhaps I should focus my studies on that and forget the nursing thing? Joking, of course. I have considered a minor in psychology, or even a double major. I planned on minoring in it when I was in school before, but we shall see. I know I’m not thrilled with my A&P grade because the teacher was not the best. I know I can’t use that as an excuse for not doing as well as I should have, but as an example, he told us to really focus on certain things for our test, and I did. I studied the other material, but I focused on those things more than anything else. Yeah, they had maybe one question each on the test. Seriously!?

Either way, I’m off until the summer semester starts, and then I’ll throw myself into A&P 2. Joy. I have a lot I want to get done before it starts too. Tomorrow will be hectic because I have to make pasta salad for 70 people and get the final part of Shauna’s baby shower gift. Then we’re going to dinner later to a nice, local restaurant, and I also have to make the pasta salad. In batches. Because I don’t have the means to boil all the pasta at once. 😐

Saturday is the shower, and Sunday is Mother’s Day, so this weekend is shot in terms of relaxing. I got my Mom a really cute gift already, but my sister and I are getting her something else too. I can’t wait to see her reaction to it! *squee*

So during this brief interlude of my scholastic journey, I want to get some stuff accomplished!

1. List the earrings I have already made to my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/FabulousDarlingShop (use code SUMMER for 25% off of what’s already listed!)
2. Finish the blanket I’m crocheting for baby Bailey.
3. Make more earrings to list and sell!
4. Straighten up around the house.
5. Start and keep up a workout routine.
6. Be more focused on eating healthy and getting my sugars down to what they need to be at. My diabetes is basically the only reason I try to lose weight-otherwise I’m content being fat and beautiful!
7. Clean my car! It has never had a proper cleaning and it needs it.
8. Take all the crap piled in the basement to Goodwill.
9. Paint our nightstands. It’s warm out, we can open the windows for ventilation lol.
10. Write write write! Perfect time to start writing again!
11. Enjoy life!

These plans do not necessarily need to be done in a month, but you get the idea.

What are your summer plans?

xoxo Amber

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