Blogging Identities: Who Should I Be?

In theory, blogging should be easy, yes? You get a blog and you write. You might add pictures, recipes, or tutorials, but the gist is that you write about your life. It isn’t that easy though. So many bloggers have a set identity. There are the fat acceptance bloggers, the trendy bloggers, the mom bloggers, the cooking bloggers, the weight loss/diet/fitness bloggers, the homestead bloggers, homeschooling bloggers, Christian bloggers, etc. It seems almost as if these genres don’t overlap. I don’t often see a homestead blogger following and commenting on a fat acceptance blog and vice versa.

So when you start out blogging, it can be hard to find followers and figure out the direction you should take the blog. Sure, writing about your life is awesome, but let’s face it, without some other type of content or a specific focus, it can get boring and repetitive for the writer and the readers. No one wants to read about my week all the time – they want to see other posts such as outfit posts or shared recipes or something of that nature. As a full time student, I know my life is boring. I’m okay with that though, because I’m working towards a huge goal that will serve me in the long run, so a little bit of boring here is okay.

My problem with blogging is that I relate myself to many different genres of blogs. I can be trendy, I can talk about diet and fitness and weight loss, I can share recipes, I can talk about my faith or my desire to be more like Laura Ingalls Wilder than Lisbeth Salander (because of the technology, not the other aspects of her life), etc. I can do daily outfit posts (although to be fair, I am boring with my outfits because I hate shopping) or share beauty related information/tutorials. So how do I narrow it down to something I can stick with and have followers with and make blogging worthwhile for me. I keep a personal journal, so I’m not blogging for just myself. I’m blogging because I personally have been inspired by many various blogs. Because of some of them, I don’t find my body repulsive or think I shouldn’t be able to dress and draw attention to myself (positive attention, not negative). I’ve discovered that I prefer dressing modesty above anything, but staying comfortable and casual at the same time. I discovered an unknown love of cooking new things. I’ve discovered various fitness blogs that have shared work outs I’ve loved and want to try.

My problem is that I’m fickle. I want to do something different each day. I can’t narrow myself down easily enough to link up weekly with new posts on various subjects. I can’t narrow myself down enough to put myself out there on many blogs of a similar nature.

And people always say bloggers have an easy job and blogging is easy and simple. HA!

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