Spring Has SPRUNG!

I cannot even begin to put into words how happy I am that the weather is finally warm and spring seems to be here to stay. I’m beyond thrilled, but that doesn’t even cover it.

Yesterday I was really excited to come home, sunshine still nice and bright and warm, and see sheets hanging on the line outside. Kalen washed and hung them before he left for his classes, and the sight of them, flapping in the wind and sunshine, warmed my heart.

I love nice weather. I love hanging my clothing on the line after washing them and letting them dry in the warm sun. The scent of line-dried items is heavenly too, and it isn’t something you can put into words, but anyone who has ever hung clothing on a line knows what scent I mean.

Next week is finals, and after that SUMMER! I’m excited to garden again this year (and hopefully offer more help than I did last year haha). I do have a class twice a week for eight weeks, which is going to be tough, but I keep reminding myself it’s worth it in the end.

Today I had a job interview at a nearby grocery store. I applied for a cashier position, which I have experience in, but they called me for deli clerk. I’m not 100% sure that I’ll accept a job if it is offered to me. The woman who interviewed me asked me repeatedly if I’d be able to work while in school next fall, and now I’m doubting my judgment. I’ll pray about it, but I’m sort of leaning towards not accepting if offered. I’m basically just confused.

I thought I looked good for the interview though. I left my hair down and curly (and promptly through it up into a Lilla Rose clip once I got home!), and kept my makeup light. I skipped the eyeliner and went with some peachy-pink shadows and mascara, coral blush, and just some foundation and concealer like normal, always applied with a light hand. No cake face here! 😉

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

I wore a simple gray skirt that I made from a pair of pants I got super cheap at Kmart in Green Bay (I mean like $5!), gray slip on shoes from Target that are their version of TOMS I guess, and a pretty pinky red top with gathered sort of sleeves from Fashion Bug that was super cheap from their going out of business sale. Modest, feminine, profession, and springy. I also wore some cute peachy flower studs in my ears. And I failed to get a picture of it before Kalen left. Boo hoo!

Time to get to work on the massive amounts of homework I’m stuck getting finished by tomorrow. I hope that wherever y’all are, you’re enjoying some lovely weather like I am!!!

xoxo Amber

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