Check It Out!

I like link ups. I never contribute anything, but I have always found amazing blogs through them. And today was no different.

Something you may or may not know about me is I LOVE homemade soaps, and it’s all I use (well, except for the stuff I purchased in bottles I’m trying to use up so as not to waste money). Anytime a fair is around here, I walk out with way more soap than I could use in a year. But it makes perfect gifts for friends when accompanied with a darling crocheted washcloth.

I’m actually running low on my supply, and I discovered a giveaway here: So go check it out, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win some fabulous soaps!

If you like homemade soap, tell me your favorites!

xoxo Amber

PS Sorry, the link refused to work correctly. Argh!

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