Easy Living

I'm loving this mini break so far! Last summer I was technically unemployed and free, but it was right after my Gramma died and then my Aunt Anna died, so it wasn't the most enjoyable break I've had in my life. I wish I could take the entire summer off and enjoy myself, but in … Continue reading Easy Living

End of Spring 2013

I realize that it's May 9th and spring is still blooming (see what I did there?), but the semester is over! I'm unsure on two of my grades, but the other three were A's, so I'm happy about that. I finished up my Psychology and Sociology classes today, and I'm finding that I'm looking forward … Continue reading End of Spring 2013

Check It Out!

I like link ups. I never contribute anything, but I have always found amazing blogs through them. And today was no different. Something you may or may not know about me is I LOVE homemade soaps, and it's all I use (well, except for the stuff I purchased in bottles I'm trying to use up … Continue reading Check It Out!