Coming to a Close

Guys, the school year is just about over. What.The.Heck. I cannot believe how fast it seems to fly (even if it seemed to go too slowly at times haha) now that I’m older. In high school, or even at Trinity (private school, yo), the year just dragged by as slowly as humanly possible, and naturally summer flew by in a day or two (which it still does I should add).

This weekend was very low key for us, which isn’t unusual. On Friday we babysat the boys, which was me watching YouTube videos, Nicky playing games, and Kalen doing who knows what on his laptop. Alan was pretty antisocial and just watched movies in the front room until bed. I tried to get him to hang out with us, but he wasn’t having it. Saturday Kalen and I spent time doing homework and then went to get a bite to eat for dinner at our favorite local Mexican joint, and then made a pit stop at Target for some stuff.

I’m really looking forward to summer. Spring seems to be hopeless…one day it’s warm and the next it snows. I just want to relax in the warm weather and swim as often as I can. Y’all know my thoughts on tanning beds, so I thought I’d share what my best friend posted to my wall the other day. I had a good laugh over it.

I’m really into the TV show Nashville right now. I mean, I have been since it started, but I love it. It makes me want to listen to more country music than I do (which is basically older type stuff and under no circumstances Taylor Swift…yuck), and it makes me want to move to Nashville, or around there, which I have thought about more than once because there are always awesome concerts there, and a LOT of Christian artists play there. They rarely come around the Chicago-area. Which sucks for Kalen and I since that’s what we mainly listen to. Who knows where the future will have us settle though. Kalen’s job will determine where we land, so to speak. That’s the beauty of studying to be a nurse – I can work anywhere. 🙂

Well now that I’ve downed some coffee, I think I’ll go ahead and start working on my homework that is due tomorrow haha. I am glad my one class will be over soon…I feel like I wasted money in taking it and did not learn anything valuable. Which is a shame because I had high hopes when the semester started.

If it’s nice where you are, go out and enjoy the day!

xoxo Amber

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