beauty in life


Life has been going pretty well lately. I have been running and tracking and keeping up with it, which is always a fantastic thing. I will be honest – running bores me. It could be because I have to run circles in the basement, but I find it boring. I play some upbeat music to keep myself distracted, but I can’t see myself signing up to run races and marathons or ever being thrilled to be doing it. Of course, who knows what the future holds. I’m just so proud of myself for running when I don’t want to and trying to make those healthier choices. I deserve a pat on the back, yes? *pat, pat*

School is going well enough. The semester is coming to an end, thankfully. I’m worn out, and I only get a mini break before the summer classes begin. Then once THOSE finish, I have a small break before fall semester starts. What was I thinking!?

I’ve been watching my YouTube tutorials still, and beauty hauls (I LOVE all things beauty). I have discovered products that I love because of these videos, and those that I won’t randomly try because when ten different people pass on a foundation, it probably is not worth the buy.

Speaking of hauls, I ordered 4 nail polishes recently. You can get some . These are what I got:
Cupcakes and Castles, Holla-Peno, Bikin, and Sushi for Two.

That’s all, off to take some Sociology notes then babysit the boys. Enjoy your weekend guys! 🙂

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