Running, Running As Fast As We Can

Today marked day 2, week 1 of the couch to 5K program on my phone. My legs? They’re plotting to murder me.

It’s funny, but the other day I posted a sad face picture after I ran. My legs hurt, and I was sweating. Today, I posted one of me smiling because I did it. I ran all the 8 one-minute intervals and walked the 22 minutes otherwise. The speed I was going at was rather lacking, to say the least, but I’m doing it. I’m not in shape, and I’m obese (although I lost more weight this week and that’s flipping exciting!). I make bad choices (like those chicken strips from Denny’s last night) and I don’t always eat or exercise like I should.

But as slow as I was going, I was still doing it. Will I probably have to repeat week 1 until I can run without wanted to quit? Most likely, and that’s okay with me. As long as I’m being active, I am okay with it. And trust me when I say that is something I NEVER thought I’d be saying.

It isn’t even 8am yet. I’m a night owl. I like to sleep late and be up later. I woke up at 6am. *cries* So instead of doing who knows what, I got my butt into gear and put on some shorts, a sports bra, and my gym shoes and hightailed it down to the basement, where I ran. I finished a little after 7, which is nuts to me. I kind of feel like today will be a good day though, because if I can do something I hate (running – I think it is boring, at least while running in our basement in small circles), then I can take on anything else today might throw at me, you know what I mean?

I do have a large to-do list for today. Aside from the MOUNDS of homework, I’m meeting with my best friend Tawnya for a seriously belated Christmas gift exchange and birthday lunch. I haven’t seen her since…October I think, which is ridiculous because she lives 20 minutes away. We had made plans before, but I was always sick and our daughter (I say I’m the father as the real father abandoned them when she was pregnant, shortly after she was born, and a few times after that…great guy, huh?) Hailie gets sick easily. But not just sniffles. No, poor baby will be in the hospital on breathing machines, and so I would rather go without seeing them. I do not want to be the reason she is sick and in the hospital (I should add she has Down syndrome and had open heart surgery at 5 months old, which is common). She’s a cutie. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, I got a 20/20 on my practical on the muscles yesterday. There were 26 questions, but he took it out of 20 points because some were ones we weren’t supposed to know, so I missed 6. But still. I didn’t do as well on my test though. I knew one chapter like the back of my hand and the other not as well. Argh. Oh well, I’ll do better on the nervous system. ๐Ÿ™‚

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