Beauty Products and YouTube Tutorials

One thing that I lovelovelove is beauty.

Makeup, hair products, hair styles…I love it. I love to experiment with makeup and try new things out with my hair. I’m constantly buying new makeup or nail polish or hair products to try out and I’m on a constant journey for my favorite product.

So, it’s no surprise to ME that I have huge tubs of products. Lately I’ve been able to experiment with makeup by purchasing palettes from because they have great pigmentation, match a lot of more expensive colors and work just as well, and they are CHEAP in a stupidly good way.

The one thing I forget is to take pictures of the looks I try out that work out, or to take GOOD pictures (because my phone pictures are never fabulous, even though I have the Samsung Galaxy S3).

So recently, to further fuel my beauty product spending sprees, I’ve been watching tons of YouTube videos of beauty product hauls and makeup and hair tutorials. These are addicting, and very bad haha.

So this post isn’t just me babbling about how I spend my money recklessly on makeup, here are some pictures!

Trying to get some volume!
What I ended up with haha.
Celebrating my birthday at my Mom’s house.
Using my birthday hot rollers on my actual birthday.
After the rollers (and with some help from the curling iron).
Holding David’s sword before we left Medieval Times.

That’s all I have for now. Back to YouTube tutorials and being studious.

xoxo Amber

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