Blogging Is A Chore

I realize my title makes me sound like I’m lazy. Blogging  hard?


I used to think professional bloggers had the easiest job. Writing about your life each day and wearing the cutest outfits known to man and eating ridiculously delicious food so adoring fans could read and feel excited if you somehow acknowledged them? That’s not hard at all!

Except it is. I have zero adoring fans or awesome outfits and I still find it difficult to write something. I want to reach out and grab the attention of people but I can’t seem to find out how. I’ve sponsored blogs, I comment on posts and the only stats I have come from spam. Very disheartening to say the least.

I need to remind myself that if I keep writing for myself and not others I will eventually have those adoring fans because I will be real and honest and relatable.

But with the combined responsibility of going to school full time and taking a class this summer and taking 5 classes again in the fall, plus trying to lose weight and find a job, I’m finding it easy to forget about this blog because I get no feedback on it. Of course if I’m not posting, how can I expect feedback?

Don’t give up on me yet, Internet. I’m trying my hardest to remember you.

Xoxo Amber

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