Let’s get Medieval!

It’s been awhile (ten days!) since I last posted here, thanks to school and life taking priority to the Internet. Weird that could happen, I know.

Currently I’m throwing myself back into school, as there are only 5 weeks to go (Ahh!!!) and I want to get all A’s again. I can make it happen. Or, close to happening (I’m not sure what I have in a class as she has failed to return anything and keeps canceling our class). Pretty irritated with that, to be honest, but what can you do? I also registered for a summer course (Anatomy & Physiology 2) and fall course (Microbiology, Advanced A&P, Algebra, Cultural Diversity in the US, and Lifespan Development) and I’m pretty excited. After fall semester, I take the TEAS test and apply to the Nursing program, and take a semester of “fun” courses. It’s so close I can taste it!!! Eeep!!!

Tonight we’re going to Medieval Times (my first time!) for an early birthday celebration with my sister and some of her friends and some of our family. I’m looking forward to it – we even hired a party van haha. It’s worth the night off from homework, methinks.

My birthday was pretty awesome as well, and so was my Easter. All in all, things have been pretty dang awesome around here. And spring is on the way!!!

xoxo Amber

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