Where Is Spring!?

Here in Indiana, the weather is still bleak and cold. In fact some snow was dumped on us last night. At the end of March. *cries like a baby* I suppose it is better than the serious lack of snow we had last year, which resulted in a drought and some seriously bad crops in the summer. I know this because not all of my garden produced like it should have thanks to the lack of rain. And the corn was eh at best, and in a state known for corn…very bad thing, that. So I’m trying not to complain too much about the still frigid weather because I know we should have good gardening weather this summer, but I just want some pretty spring flowers and leaves on the trees!

My Spring Break came and went too fast, and then it was back to classes. While I missed the schedule I had, and having something to do, I miss not having to think about school stuff. Now I have thoughts of finals and summer classes and scheduling fall classes just running like crazy through my mind, and it isn’t fun. Not fun at all.

I’m seriously off track with losing weight. In a rather ridiculous way. And my birthday is this Saturday…naturally all my friends seem to be busy because I keep getting the “I’ll try to come out” or “It depends on the rest of my weekend plans” as responses to my invites. So, whatever I guess. I can just celebrate with Kalen (we’re celebrating at my Mom’s on Friday since she’s preparing for Easter on Saturday). I should be used to this by now, but I’m not. For once I’d like a group of friends who try to remain friends as much as I do. It sucks being the only one who puts forth any effort in a relationship. SUCKS.

Enough of that though, I guess. Here are two pictures, the first one from March 14th (or the sexy Taylor Hanson’s 30th birthday!), and the other from St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂
St. Patrick's Day

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