[makeup, spring break, and shop opening]

Me last night. 🙂

Exciting news lovelies! My Etsy shop is open! Visit Fabulous, Darling . I am not finished listing items for sale, but right now there are some nice cowls and scarfs hanging out, waiting for a new home, so check it out!

As I’m on Spring Break this week, I finally got around to making a ton of earrings to list in the shop (and I have to get some more basic supplies because I made so many I’m running out!) and watching some makeup videos on YouTube for more inspiration for my newly delivered palettes from BH Cosmetics (seriously, these are such good products and so so so affordable!), and while watching I got the itch to buy MORE of their products. Oops. Oh well, that’s what the Etsy shop is for, right?

Tomorrow I have a meeting I’ve deemed very important, so I’m hoping it goes well and in my favor (not a job interview either, although I do need to find a job!). So nervous thinking about it!

I’m feeling so ready for spring lately. I want to be done with dark and sultry and move on to happy and light! I love having more sunlight each day now that we’ve had the time change and I definitely feel happier because of it. Now it just needs to warm up so I can wear flip flops and skirts all the time, and we’ll be good to go.

Spring Break is going by way too quickly. I still have to write a speech for Tuesday’s class and do a ton of algebra homework and study for a test we’re having on Tuesday. AND I have to drop my A&P class.

Saturday we’re going to the Shipshewana roadshow and I’m exciting to see what they have that I can spend money on haha. I’d love to go back to Shipshewana one day, but I’ll settle for this for now.

Anyway, off to fix dinner (Bloody Mary flank steak, homemade creamy garlic shells, and zucchini sauteed with garlic, ginger, and dill).

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