Studying is Overwhelming

First, I apologize for the lack of posts around here, but school has been hectic and crazy, and I was sick and missed school, and then we had a snow day and it’s just been crazy here!

I’m contemplating dropping one of my classes (which I expected to love, and I would if my teacher actually TAUGHT us anything) and transferring to another school next semester, but I don’t know for sure yet what I’ll be doing. Sigh, growing up isn’t easy is it?

My weight loss/healthy eating/working out has stalled and become nonexistent. I’m so stressed from school and I find myself constantly snacking on something. Thankfully I’m on Spring Break now, and I can take the time to catch up, breathe, and get back on track. It will feel good to feel on top of things again.

Shauna found out she’s having a girl, so I’m going to have the world’s most beautiful niece! I can’t wait to meet the little princess when she’s born – is it July yet!? I’ll be crocheting her a blanket in light purple, a darker purple, a gray, and a white/ivory. I think it’s going to be really pretty too, so that’s exciting.

Here are a few pictures of me from recently, just to share. 🙂





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