Body Cavities, Books, and Turning Back Time

Studying for this A&P test has taken a slight toll on my sanity and me in general. I really need to stop procrastinating like I tend to do, because I’m paying for it dearly now. Of course, again, I DO realize that I’m wasting time that should be spent working on writing this blog post, but I’ll survive. These 5 minutes won’t break me. *wink*

I’ve fallen horribly off track recently with tracking my food and losing weight recently. I know it’s because I’m feeling so stressed about school and just busy in general with everything that’s going on in my life. I need to get on track with it, because I’m not losing anything by sitting around, eating whatever I want, or doing nothing.

There are so many things I have to do – turn in my job application to a local store for a part time job, catch up on homework I managed to fall behind on (damn you, Candy Crush Saga!), straighten up the house (you know, folding mountains of laundry, changing sheets, dusting, and vacuuming), and try to work on some crochet projects or make some earrings for the shop.

If any of you lovely readers have read “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” then you will remember that Hermione used a Time Turner to get through her classes because she was taking so many of them at once and most of them were at conflicting times. That’s what I need. I’m not taking as many classes as she was, but I definitely don’t have enough time in my days to get what I need done. So, Hogwarts, contact me anytime – I need a Time Turner ASAP!!!!

Speaking of, recently Kalen and I went to Barnes & Noble with his mom and my sister (after dinner at a small, local Mexican restaurant of course) and I bought quite a few books. Oops! I have a hard time saying no to books, they’ve always been my weakness.

I suppose it’s time to get back to taking notes and making them into an acceptable outline (over 3 chapters I’ll add!) for extra credit. Tomorrow is the A&P test so I’m praying that I do well!


xoxo Amber

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