A Day of Ups and Downs

This isn’t meant to be a post full of complaints, even though the title could be taken that way.

Between the two of us, Kalen is the one who washes the laundry. I fold it and put it away, and this has worked well for us, even though I loathe the folding and the putting away. Today though, being the awesome gal that I am, I decided that I’d go ahead and wash the three loads we’d accumulated (and we can’t wash more than 3 a day because of our water softener) so he wouldn’t have to. So, I diligently washed the first load, tossed it in the dryer, got the second load started, and took out a jacket to hang from the load in the dryer. When I came down to start the third load, I realized the first load was still wet. I figured I’d forgotten to start it, so I tossed the second load in with it (after hanging the shirts, the two combined were about a single load), started it, and went back upstairs to read a chapter in my Sociology book. After about an hour and a half I ventured back downstairs and went to grab the clothes from the dryer

Still damp. Oh crap.

I guess the dryer had been making a weird noise lately, and while it turns on, it doesn’t heat. So, my good deed did not go unpunished, so to speak. Now, all of our laundry is hanging up downstairs, hopefully drying. I also managed to rip my jacket when coming in from taking Harry for a walk/run in the yard, but thankfully the rip was clean and on the seam. Karen already sewed it up for me.

Other good things for today included dinner being quick, easy, and ready when Kalen came home from work, and doing semi-okay on my Sociology quiz.

Let me tell you, I do not like Sociology. It’s a subject that just does not interest me, so I have a hard time retaining the stuff I’m “learning” in it. So, I read my assigned chapters. I take the quizzes for each session and do just eh on them, usually missing 5-7 because I constantly second-guess myself on it. Which is irritating, to say the least. I also think I’m doing well on my discussion posts, and I’m not. I cannot figure out what the professor is wanting from me, and he’s said what he wants, and I think I’m doing it, but obviously I’m not. I think part of the problem too is that my classes last semester were relatively easy, and the two I had discussions in (P.O.W.E.R. Learning, an Ivy Tech New Student Seminar class, and Intro to Health Careers) were just…easy A’s. I’m not saying I don’t feel I didn’t learn anything, but they were easy. I consistently got 100% on my posts and my papers. My papers weren’t all that fantastic. Back on track…today, I diligently read my chapter (with laundry and dog walk breaks during it) and took the quiz. I missed 4! I was happy-ish. I had a 4.0 last semester and I want that again, but this class is hard for me so that’s pretty good.

My plan though is that since I finished the reading/quiz for Sociology, and it isn’t due until Sunday evening and I normally seem to finish it on Saturday evening, this means that I’m ahead, which means I’m going to discipline myself and get ahead in all my classes. Ahead, used in this context, means caught up, if you were wondering. I have an Algebra test Thursday, Psychology chapters to read by Thursday, Anatomy & Physiology chapters and homework to finish by the 12th (I haven’t quite started yet-oops!), and I still have to do my discussion post for Sociology. But for the first time since the semester actually began, I don’t feel like I’m falling behind.


In other excellent news, I filed my 2012 taxes today. I’m getting back far more than I thought on my federal return (over $1000, well over) and I only owed state $15. Usually I get back a fair amount but owe a chunk of it back to state. Not this year though! I don’t count on receiving anything, so it’s just a bonus for me. I’m thinking summer class(es) and some new polo shirts, boxers, and gym shoes for Kalen. Super happy!!!


How is everyone else doing today?

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