The Biggest Loser

That I never watched this show is a shock to me. As someone who has struggled most of my life with my weight, this show is right up my alley.

I have had many failed attempts at losing weight. Joining gyms, joining Weight Watchers, counting calories…I’ve never tried a fad diet though, or diet pills. If you do either of those things, good for you. They’re just not for me.

Because I’ve been fat for so long, I have type 2 diabetes. Fantastic! Not. My sugars are never where they should, even if I’m watching my carb intake, working out, and being overall healthier than before. That scares me, I won’t lie. Why can’t I control my sugars? Why are they always so high? I don’t have health insurance, or a job (full-time student here!) so seeing a doctor isn’t really possible. It sucks, I won’t lie.

That’s why this year is the year I’m going to lose weight, no matter how long it might take me, and get healthy. I’m going to cut out fast food, which I don’t eat all that often, but it’s something I don’t need. If I happen to go on a road trip, I might get something, but otherwise-no. Although usually if we’re driving for some amount of time, I typically pack snacks and stuff so I can save money (because, you know, unemployed). Kalen and I have briefly talked about driving to Texas when it’s warmer, unlike our frigid holiday trip, so I’d definitely be packing a cooler of food to take with then if that happened.

At home, I need to watch my mindless snacking that happens when I’m bored, procrastinating, or just…bored lol. I have a horrible snacking habit that I discovered last semester was worse on Tuesday and Thursday nights when Kalen was in class and I’d come home and eat dinner, snack some, then eat dinner when he got home around 10, so I could eat with him. This semester I have classes until 9:45 on Tuesdays, but on Thursdays I get out at 5:45 so I’m worried about that happening again at least once this week.


I also need to watch my portion sizes. It’s so easy to think that a serving size is what it isn’t by “eying” it and if you actually measured it, it’s easily double or triple what you should have. I need to measure stuff out religiously instead of trusting my eyes.

I’ve made healthy switches. Instead of slathering bread in butter to make a grilled cheese, I’ll use cooking spray. It’s actually nice because you can taste the ingredients you used IN the sandwich, and it isn’t greasy. Try it, you’ll like it. I promise.

Also, my nice random post is done, but I want to add that I wish on The Biggest Loser they let ALL of the contestants stay, and THEN measured/weighed/whatever at the end to see who won. That way all of them have the chance to try to lose weight and get healthy. And I really don’t like seeing these people go home. It is making me cry, damnit.


xoxo Amber

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